Join me and become a flutterer nil cost just some fun

love to all my flutterers

Let me thankyou for joining me Flutterbyslouisa

love is always the key.

Leave the table if there is disrespect leave behind arrogant hurtful people leave behind lustful minds be connected to pure love. Accept no money that interferes with your integrity and is not gained of honest toil. Be a crusader for christ and his principals which are integral to sincerity of the pilgrims soul. Guard yourself ,your words, your behaviors and trust no one. Never be vengeful never repay hurt for hurt leave sleeping dogs lie and leave the world a better place for you having passed this way. Dont send money to unknown people give to known charities in your own community or in person when travelling. Travel it helps you to grow and work for individuals who can gain there own power from honest labor. Just a few words of advice and believe nothing on social media it is a lie and an illusion. Take care flutterers and a huge thankyou for following me and sharing your love I so appreciate you..


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Your a legend Thankyou love from Louisa of OZ