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I was amazed that Jesus is depicted with a wand and that infers magic one of my favorite words to refer to life and belief and I had never heard that before but it affirms my thoughts. AMAZING!

I listened to a lecture by Carl Jung about ego and found it a revelatory piece of mastery over the mind and its intricacies. I felt as freud stated the ego to be the vicious kid who wants and prevails never looking deeply enough at the sheer mental strategy of the ego. I am not a professor nor a doctor I am a sociology/ History graduate and have failed to keep up with the writings so you will find be to be possibly ill informed though this I take as a fortunate thing for my own view unhindered as it is by already theorized in-depth professional thought. So let me push to acknowledge the ego as an absolute shield and a well founded protective absolute for the mind which troubles itself with so many insecurities. I would say the ego should be broken down that you clearly see both sides of the story but that you are able to wear your emotions with pride to know you are worthy of your ego. I agree you must come to terms with yourself and not put youeself down but rather the ego lifts you and to accept others as they are . Jung say to accept the neurotic with love and with his faults and his ego is to improve an unbias view as self evident to health to deny his ego is to create further disruptions of the mind. So a softer version of ego is a shield from others who would pull you down and now my understanding is a small bit clearer on the value of ego. It allows greatness but temper it with humility and your perceptions are on the mark. Do not fall for the idea that ego is totally bad but rather accept it as a shield tempered with conscious understanding of other individuals own fears. Now those who disagree may happily re-inform me otherwise. Ego as a shield is well advised since the world attempts to tear down the good out of jealousy or envy but I will hasten to add social media drives the ego agenda to an ill health ill societal degree and value and validation should not be found in these but wealth is often the object …Ego and validation are co-conspirators and I would argue that social media allows a highway of ideas and every concept can be googled wealth can be made through social platforms but the downside is greed ,perversions and theft so does the good out weigh the bad that is the question?

Sociology is the study of societies

The world was a very different place forests and game ,wars and tribal communities with birth, death and illness but there was always hope. It came in the form of gods shaman, witches and kings who would battle for their peoples. The woods were a comfort and a fear and it was a time of festivals and joy and above all else always love. Women cleaved to men and men protected it was a simple yet complicated time of domestic survival in an superstitious epoc.