We have to work through the ruins to find God because people are fallible so where does that leave holy books written by men inspired but written by ego driven men even the humblest are not immune to want, well its just a question to search your history books and the surrounding terrain of the times and that will give a new and frightened exposé. Just ask the question and ruminate the answers in-between enjoy the ruins.

In every age every great prophet has been given the holy guide book or the road map to GOD and within is the over-riding message of unity of peoples. One race the human race, time is irrelevant to the message , look at the bigger picture in every epoc every age we search to find ourselves through hope and to see God in all we do. Every spiritual search is real and worthy I dont want to exclude any religion or include argument via dogma or ritual rather I would see the Mirical. Many will argue many will disagree but the holy books across the world are written by men inspired but nonetheless men and it is here we find the guide, the map to a higher place. We are not to kill each other over who has the right book or the right map as long as the moral is to do no harm and see each other as we see our selves and keep God as the central cause of wonder. Every church every cathedral every mosque every temple every tabernacle every place of worship is a recognition of hope and of God no matter the name.


I wish everyone to find love within themselves and share that with the world you encounter every day.

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I would that you read my thoughts and know this as the song says your crawling through the pieces of your heart and you are beautiful you are the universe and all will be well. I would always remember how extraordinary every soul is men are so brave they do things a woman never could they will put themselves in danger to save a soul in trouble… but they can also be otherwise, BE YOU AND LEARN TO LOOK FORWARD AND BE PROUD OF HOW YOU OVER CAME TO BECOME YOU. GODS NOT DONE WITH YOU SO SHINE.

Lets talk about change and I have had several rebouts in my life things come to challenge our ideas and our theory of life I was tempted to say relativity and in a way that is exactly what I mean what is relative to your needs. So its common to question the concepts you were indocrinated into it would rather be odd and rigidity in thinking is never a virtue. You have to be adaptable practice the rituals in public life but relax in private with family. That way worlds dont collide there is your answer to most conundrums circles within circles once you really become the lion you can never follow the sheep you can act and most of us do continue to conceal the reality but you have come to a crossroad and this is a beautiful thing you are rising above the ordinary you are seeing above the clouds. No one can trick you again into false narratives it is as you see it. Super brave super beautiful is all I ever saw so accept that you have ascended and see a bigger picture. Happiness is knowledge you have unlocked your own cell and threw down your shackles You are becoming the divine masculine or feminine who sees clearly the sheep be not troubled. your are human and humanity as a poem is beyond belief its magic. More changes will come as you age and your body mind responds to change. I rage less and I feel calmer and the world is a beautiful place full of love but keep your eye on the ball trust with great care.

Lots of us struggle with fear and dieing is top on our list I believe when you die that angels will be there with you and so I urge you to fear not for what you cannot control. Live as best you can and do the best you can and god will be there in every step you take..

Robbie has gifted us a beautiful image of angels to uplift and enliven your day especially for those in troubles today…love to all Louisa from OZ

Having health and pampering yourself means you will interact in a happier way. So treat yourself with love get that perfume and love your children and yourselves.

What is a soul originally it meant person and then some how the soul became seen as a different entity than the person it became the personality the spirit or character of the person and here is the rud. It allows individuals to be labeled a thing I most hate because once you label you allow yourself to behave in a manner inappropriate to honor or to integrity of spirit. An example a girl sleeps with a lot of men because varying reasons she’s looking for love she is lonely or for work /money you stop seeing a person in trouble in lack of self worth what ever the situation, now you call her a prostitute you allow her to be treated as less than a person with dignity. She might have no dignity of her own but does that allow you to play god and decide her fate. Labels allow you to dehumanize a person she’s a witch , ohhh we can burn her .she without dignity we can treat her with nil dignity labels are the devils work.. Just because I dont like porn and I dont or I dont like homosexual relations and I dont doesnt mean I should judge kill or label that person I should cease to be around that person if I dont like what they do. I would be very careful in labeling. I often question the worth of going around and around throwing stones at a imaginary devil but if it makes you happy and gives comfort to the sheep and even jesus is seen as a sheperd of the flock so I mean no disrespect.. I do however ask the question why do you seek to label a perfectly nice person who meant you no harm answer so you can behave any way you please so you dont have to find a new perspective you can sooth your ego and continued to be as you are narrow minded. Try to step beyond indocrination and narrow minded thought patterns their is evil and their is good every where we go discernment is the hard part people who do everything right who attend church ect can still be evil look for the fire… Always remember we carry fire and ice within so look in the mirror.