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This is such an interest to me and a question I have battled with all my life what is love?.

love letters are poetry of the heart ,so many war time love letters were never read but many were the thread of hope that kept men alive.

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Love yourself and care for yourself meditate, calm the mind and live in the moment forget the past move forward and leave trauma behind look in the mirror and affirm I am well I am fine and I am beautiful. Do not put your happiness in others hands you are powerful and you will be the best version of yourself. I release all expectations and I am free to create a beautiful life. I throw love into the atmosphere and it will return three fold. Its the witch’s law. Just be happy and smile sometimes because of love which swirled around you in the very air you breath.


               What cried out in the night

           What specter touched my heart   Evil came it drifted in the miasma of my mind

A cry of desire burnt to ashes in the memories of love

                      RIP  she cried

                      RIP  she cried

             Death and heaven came   

                  Dust and ashes 

              Dust and ashes 

         Thrown onto your grave

          A   knight and his brothers

        A humble  jester and his jokes

           Nobility of the sands

            Roses bleed in fallen leaves

  Upon the earth and  trodden under foot

  Mortal dreams now dead and cold shift in sand

         Only heaven awaits in deaths repose

                   Love remains in kindness


  Beyond the dream

          To conquer one must be cold

          Like exulted dragons

     In the realm  of shifting sand

    Beyond the dream

 Beyond the realm of nightmares

 The dragons laughed and angels cried 

They made sport of human hearts

    Exulted is the dragon’s view

    Fire from the already dead

 A  Heart of  an eagle with talon

 To claw and grasp the dreams

     In the fires of the Dragon

                   The Rose

    The rose delicate and fragile 

              Glass and thorns

                 Mirrors cracked 

                    Petals fallen

              Dreams of heaven’s gate

                   Metal entwined

             Gifts set upon a grave

               RIP   with the Roses

             The fool

How you must have laughed 

Friends joking and joyous

Ridicule and media blessing

A positive to every negative

But time gave way to sorrow 

The poor deluded thing

So, you incorporated 

You gave story to cover the fool

To shield the fool

Protection of the fool

A dreaming nightmare

A burden to ghost 

obsession and cruelty

The double-edged sword

A media delight of horror

what is love 

lies and crosses to bear

With bears and bears

It is what it is 


             The dagger

   Love carries a dagger and death comes easily

I prayed for love and it came, I prayed for forgiveness and it came

I prayed for kindness and it came I prayed to be always loving and hide my heart

For love carries a dagger