gray and black butterfly sniffing white flower

In a time of change the spirit of fellowship is renewed by loving hearts. The internet reveals the interconnectedness of the world. The wealthy are becoming so greedy in their quest to take every dollar. While the poor watch from every corner of the world on their iphones. They dont see any kindness only materialism, This begats more uncaring greed and scams which perpetuate more pain like a domino effect saddness washes over the world. The world is full of broken people.. I beg every one to do honest labor and bring love intro the world. We are spiritual beings and it doesnt matter the religion it matters the humanity of your heart. Never give hurt for hurt instead bring people to see your kindness of spirit..

The reason I add historical facets is to widen your view of the world and to see how language and reasoning changes from the original context. Once the picture is lost in time people alter the meaning and so a myth is born magic is in itself a idea of an unseen event which is seen but not understood so I refer to the magical aspect of peoples reasoning of historical reality dont be fooled by the indicative and intentional charismatic individual to alter the fabric of reality {words taken from jordan peterson} Be consciously aware when looking back when reading of past events or ideologies you are never seeing the true picture.

The Grail

The vine, the blood

That final supper

The cup that touched those lips

Taken and hidden, coveted and quested

The heart of faith was tested

The knights of templar sort the gift

In Celtic myth the legend grew and spread across the world

The cross was tested and challenged in histories page

From Jerusalem to Cairo

From Islam to Christendom

From the Emir to Ferdinand, the gift

Love with questions unanswered

The chalice the cup of Jesus

They came to the Basilica to see the truth and touch the sacred

The promise of love and hope


Louisa Jen

Like Sands through the Hourglass
Time traveller

Blood red is the rose that touches her lips

perfume in the bedroom petals on the floor

love kissed the rose and due formed on her lips

the petals gathered and spring gave movement to the flowers


Love is the essential ingredient for me with a dash of romance the horror of porn isnt for me but many seen to abandon themselves. I make no judgement!

My Open question ??

Just a question and if you find the question confronting ask what are the triggers that spark you’re out rage?  What do you gain or lose by asking the  question?  Motives of self-become clearer .   What part of self then do you question?.                                                                                                                                      You might ask why I place historical aspect at the forefront of any study  my answer  because humans are fallible and ego driven they seek answers that align with their own theories.  I have always loved history and do not say I am expert I prefer to place a theory ask a question and you do the research.. Research not driven by a particular bias direction…  Faith is also a part of this it’s a trust in a story it’s a trust in love its ephemeral as  is the wind  it is an unseen factor which can only  be  felt and I do not take faith out of the equation. False Gods are ever near to power  and I want you to focus on the higher spirit.  The history is part of the story part of the faith equation , try a chain question and after 100 years ask what was the question or a million voices the question and where did the question change in the chain of events.  Work with a good heart but don’t blind yourself to idolatry and ego. When does the real man become the iconic super-natural being who becomes a God.? This goes for all cults and Religions .  Not to say the man is not an extraordinary man or that he didn’t have many followers in his time .. But every great religion must be looked at from an historical perspective and the influences which were placed on the real man.  Also please take into account what the benefits were to any great leader. Wealth, power etc..  I believe humans are very creative creatures and they will justify their actions no matter the action. Self is always a great determining factor ego and respect which becomes a guiding light to the followers.  I’m not saying that the individual is not an extraordinary man but I just want you to ask the simple question what has not even the individual got to gain, what did the papal powers have to gain what did even Mohamad’s followers have to gain apart from ground…. I ponder the historical aspect which ultimately get lost in time and the extraordinary man becomes the icon then finally shifts to the godly realms.  A very off-centre example is the Draculesti family story , Ivan the terrible of impaling fame  become the hero in some people’s eyes ,then a shift occurs with a story  and Ivan the murderer becomes a vampire of fictional proportions. People want to believe there is a greater force at play in their lives, it explains their failures or their power over  others ,it explains the pain the misery of death.  They want a higher force to explain the discrepancy of wealth  and its  centralised  elite.  They  want  to be  promised a better life, they want justice for  hurts ,they want eternal life.  They want to believe they will meet their loved ones again in some mythical paradise. It’s too hard to say goodbye in eternity.  I don’t say I don’t believe that Jesus wasn’t a real person or an extraordinary man but I simply want all things to be seen in a historical perspective to examine motives of others or the magical illusions at play. I simply ask the question when does the real man become the icon and then the supernatural.   If a man is continually told he is the sun god does he not become the sun god.                                                                                                                 My questions shift in my mind and I have no set theory and the main question I want to pose is if you give God like image to a man  where then do you place the higher power of God  placed..  God is the central figure here so please question idolatry  of a man.  Please I am only asking questions here I expect you to rationally respect the study and seek your own answers.

Dont you adore the quirky Addams family an absolute favorite love holds them together even in the midst of their weird ideas of the world. God love them all

Life seen through the rear vision is not life life is in the moment so brush off the dirt and dust and keep moving cry if you must but keep moving.

Storms will come and go but just remember small minds discuss other people great minds discuss ideas and cruel people justify themselves to everyone but God.

Breath relax and remember God loves you, even if you have no one and you find yourself truly alone keep going time will ease your pain.

knock and the door will be opened …jesus was a light to the world in hope and kindness an innocent crucified.