red and blue hot air balloon floating on air on body of water during night time

All you really can depend on is God so sad all people seek is power and money to exert their will upon others. I think peace and love is sorely lost and where hope of unity is found only in domination well I was naive and truly lacked knowledge of people. I now would close borders and arm yourselves to the teeth and see where that gets you stupid toxic people. That’s the world Flow and drift with the winds of time and trust that God knows your heart and your directions.

Then and now

beautiful creations

Here is a moment in time

A representation of those vast seas

How brave the people who sailed to the beyond

Such fortitude to escape or to find

The cosmos above and the terror below

Stars to guide them and the sun to warm and storms to challenge

What a beautiful world


Time Traveller

The candles burned to count the hours    The blood that ran across the world          Those ships of fortune and of gold,  Ships tossed by the oceans with only a star to follow   men of strength and valour   uncompromising men  and women   we         stopped  Could a traveller step through the door to adventure                                 To set the page and turn the dial .To be a phantom across the ages                             To unlock the chains that bind        To wear a different cloth of gentle arts               ash! the  fire  warms  me  my open book to elusion sits upon my knee                            I dream of far off places in time     Oh to be a time traveller   To see beyond the veil of Time

Deadly  thoughts

I stood and wondered at my resolute mind,        Thought and deed so attached and yet not ,                              Action out ways thought  or does it,                  Delight comes from a decisive moment  of movement ,                                Can drama be drama without deep and powerful action,                                          Silence cannot be heard , Can it be seen ?,                  can silence manifest into action or does it depend on sight ,             If the action is silent  can anyone hear the silent  scream,          Recognition of the pain is a momentum of empathy ,                           Is silence anger, is silence humility  can it be both or neither,     Or do we  simply die silently