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It is real determination will succeed for good or evil but if good people do not stand against evil it will prevail and good always requires one to stand person to risk it all and mostly against all odds. What I want is a collidescope of the world and time as an illusion seeing things as if they were my time your time and all full of the essence of God. It takes one evil insane man to kill millions now do you believe in the devil.

While sometimes the things you do don’t seem to make a difference think again and look at the individuals who gave in so many ways and many who gave their lives willingly for the greater good, what wonders we are.

Muslim: Noor Inayat Khan, World War II Spy Heroine

               Author Louisa Jen


World War one had destablised Europe and the Versaille Treaty had incurred such a debt upon Germany. The humiliation felt at what many Germans thought was an unfair treatment. The great depression followed and poverty along with unemployment set the scene for ww2. Racism was an easy Blame game and a man called Hitler exploited this avenue to gain power.  To this end he created a propaganda war and soon all of Germany joined the cry of blame the Jews.  It was in as early as 1923 that Hitler wrote his now infamous book. He becomes a political force after a small stint in jail for his violent activism.  He takes time in his incarceration to write My struggle or as the world knows it Mein Kamp. In this book Hitler sets his agenda war and the extermination of the Jew. Sadly, an axis of evil joins him in this hope.  The ottoman empire enjoys a resurgence and friendship with Hitler so slowly war becomes the reality of hate.  Hitler is energetic a fireball and is liked for his stance on employment. After serving in the first world war, he has a reputation for service, He   become a political figure through his activism. He rises through the National Socialist German workers Party.  In 1933 Hitler becomes Chancellor and leads Germany one step closer to war. WW2 would ultimately kill between 50 and 60 million people.  Of those 6 million are Jewish peoples in concentration camps. Hitler would name this as the final solution.  Hitler had rearmed Germany signed strategic treaties and was ready to begin his domination of the world.  He invades Poland in 1939 having already taken Austria in 1938. France declares war and so to Great Britain. Reluctantly war is upon them for a second time after only twenty years of Peace from ww1.Hitler is overjoyed at his domination and plans yet more war.                                                


This is a tragic time for the world even my own father joins the war here in 1941 – to 1945  serving five years with the  Australian  forces.  He ends up fighting in the islands of Borneo and many of my own family fought in the Pacific.  This is the tragedy of war and the legacy of mental issues that follows into peace.  My focus however is in this moment of war one Muslim girl Noor Inayat Khan.  WW2 would end so many lives and one such life is that of Noor. Noor however is a woman trying to stay alive and trying to defeat evil. She was to become a spy working in enemy territory France.  She is tough resilient resourful while in France she had escaped from Nazi capture several times only to be recaptured.  She was in the end listed as highly dangerous. But no one wants to die and neither did Noor she did all she could do to succeed under the reign of terror which Nazi Germany brought to Europe. She was young and she set a fire in her heart which still burns bright. She saw injustice and she was determined to play her part for humanity. To show people cared and that evil cannot prosper.                      Noor is beyond brave, she is intelligent and while her father may have believed in pacifism both she and her brother Vilayat decided to join the allies and  fight  the war against Hitler and fascism.                                                                                        


Let’s step back to the beginning and here we find ourselves in Moscow. Winter and it’s a happy day its New Year’s Day. There was probably snow outside in Moscow Russia. A beautiful Muslim baby girl arrives in the world. Her father is of Indian descent and he is a Sufi master Hazrat Inayat khan. Her mother is Pirani Ameena Begum Hindustani born Ora ray Baker America.  She had 4 children including Noor.  They are Muslim in their beliefs and proud of their heritage. I make this point of religion because every Muslim should be proud of Noor and should recognize her selflessness in a time of bitterness and racism, she believed in loving thy fellow man.                                                                           It is not necessary to name all Noor’s siblings except to say Noor is the first child therefore the oldest child with only a few years between each child. Noor was a direct descendent of Tipu Sultan, the 18th century muslin ruler of Mysore. Her father was a musician as well as teacher of Sufi. Just as ww1 broke out the family moved to London; This marks the year their first child was born. After six years they set sail to France moving  to Paris. Noor’s father was a pacifist as his religion dictated.            

Hazrat Inayat khan moved into a large house which he called the house of Fazal Manzil-house of blessings. It was an idyllic home for the family full of music meditation and Sufis visiting all year round.                                    The children (4)  played in the garden and loved the high steps they could sit each evening  and see all the city lights of Paris.  They dressed in their  Indian clothes and gave concerts to their guests,In 1927 Hazrat went back to India he had not been well and wanted to see his homeland again.  A few months went by and the family received the terrible news  hazrat had died. Noor’s mother went into seclusion and at the tender age of 13 Noor had to become a support for her mother taking on caring roles.  Being the eldest she helped her mother and her three siblings.     She attended Sorbonne to study child psychology. She was a student of music Ecole Normale with a famed instructor Nadia Boulanger. Noor composed music and wrote poetry.                                                                                        At the fall of France the family were back in London. Noor worked for a bit writing children’s stories and  in 1939 ‘Twenty Jakata tales’ was published in London.    She later joined the women’s auxiliary Air Force. She would learn to be a Radio operator and be taken as an operative by the special operations Executive in 1942. Noor wrote while she was doing her training the joy of sacrifice.

 She attempted to rationalize spiritual discipline associated with religion and the work ahead of her. She tries to relate shooting a pistol as meditative she wrote these ideas in 1943. She was prepared to give her life to combat the evil of fascism.  Within this concept of her pacisivism she rationalises her journey. In June 1943 she was flown into France to become a radio operator for the resistance network in Paris. Her code name would be Madeleine.                                                                                          There is nothing to say that Noor was not a happy child.                                                                                           She was a person of great strength of character and is later tested beyond endurance.


Germany has thrown the world into conflict and in 1941 the axis of evil attacks from all directions. Pearl harbour where the American fleet lie is attacked by Japan an ally of Hitler. On December 7th just before 8am 353 Japanese bombers destroy 19 ships aircraft carriers battle ships, 188 air craft and killing 2000 people.                                                                  The united states quickly declared war on japan and Germany.  Nazism was rampant concentration camps were burning bodies Jewish peoples were being rounded up and exterminated.  In the assault upon Russia there  are indications spy reports but nothing is conclusive for Russia to predict the german invasion of course there is no trust despite the signing of treaties.  A german plane is shot down over Russia weeks prior to any attack. The pilots are questioned but still nothing is foreseeable  but high altitude photographs are being taken in preparation for the ‘Barbarossa’ attack.  1941 June Barbarossa is launched  despite  the 1940 treaty of non-aggression. A pact between Russia and Germany. There had been a build up of troops on the Russian border and Hitler would claim  he had to attack because he feared a  surprise attack from Russia was imminent. This was nonsense but he was trying to allay the fears of other nation who had of similar treaties with Germany.  There had also been conflict over the ukrain and the Balkins where Russia refused Germany oil supplies. Hitler wanted what he called   lebensaum as referred to  in 1938 living space. Put simply  he wanted to dominate Europe.    Stalin doesn’t believe Hitler will attack but he is suspicious.  Germany attacked Russia totally by surprise to the soviet peoples.  Early the attack comes in 4 panza divisions supporting 3 army divisions one group towards Leningrad one towards Moscow   and the third towards Kiev  in all 29  armed divisions. The thrust  of the attack  is to advance rapidly as they had when invading Poland France ect.   Minsk and ukrain is taken quickly.  The red army  failing in  the early stages  of the attacks.  The Russians held at Leningrad and slowed the german advance in the south.  Poor weather held up the german attack giving time for Russia to regroup. The rain made the way muddy and boggy slowing any advance. The supply train to the forward troops became difficult and Hitler gave orders to slow the attack so he could supply the german front.  Russian weather had turned in their favour and  cybyrian  troops were brought in.  They counter attacked pushing Germany back  160 miles.  Germany had come within 22 miles of Moscow.  They had after bitter fighting crossed the Vulgar but were held back by the reinforced Russian troops.  In Freezing condition in 1942 german hopes of a successful  invasion failed. Russia had defended with as much vigor as a lion who is starving. Hitler still dominated Europe  and so in 1943  Noor joins the efforts to defeat Germany.  Germany had  occupied  the Ukraine Baltic states and white Russia.  The end result  of the invasion was horrific  3 million Russians are captured and die in prison camps.  Hitler destroys everything shooting communist officers. This is called the Commissar order by General Keitel. Man, hunts are begun on the Jewish peoples who are to be murdered. Gas vans on the eastern front to accommodate this effort. Shootings of Russians is totally by orders from Hitler.                                                Stalin had red square camoflaged  and all domes and buildings painted in dark colour to disguise  Moscow from lufwaffer attacks.                                                                           The front of the attack was 1600 kilometres long  with  3 ½ million German and allies soldiers. They  were  supported by artillery, tanks and the accoutrements of war.  Allies to Germany included Denmark,France, turkey and Italy. It is a war of destruction. Losses are huge on the Russian front. Inside Germany optimism is high German’s in general are happy. Berlin is listening to the popular music and employment is up. Japan has pushed into china and the Malaysian peninsula spreading across the Pacific. Australia and New Zealand are fighting with England and in 1942 Singapore has fallen to the Empire of the Sun. 5000 are dead and 8000 captured as POW. The Burma rail line is underway and japan hopes to resupply troops with a continuous link  through thailand. From 1940- 1941 Germany is bombing London in what is called the blitz. The Luftwaffe had targeted RAF airfields radar instillations in preparation for an invasion. The blitz stopped when Hitler turned his attentions on to Russian invasion. 30,000 Londoner’s   had been killed 50,000 seriously injured and hundreds of thousands were homeless.                                                    Children were moved to country areas.  The western front at this point is in Kaos Stalin orders a burnt earth policy as the roads clog with refugees  from the attacks women, children, old and infirmed  flee the onward attack.                                                            Russians had been  poorly armed and Hitler thought he would over power                 Russia within days but it was not to be. There were the desert campaigns of Tobrook with Romel the great german general who along with co-conspirators tried to assassinate Hitler. Crete, Norway north Africa all had come under the cruel hammer  of Hitler and lives mean nothing to him or his SS operations.


Noor’s words I believe are so inspiring. ‘The light of the universe has risen in my heart like the sun over the horizon and it will never set’.  This describes a feeling of love of your fellow man and a trust in Allah  and god. Noor is a beautiful spirit with a beautiful heart.                                    Noor “A most brave and touchingly keen girl who is  the light  in a dark place and she was determined to do her bit and to hit the german’s.  I would tell you a story that is sadly true and equal to many others who sacrificed themselves for the greater good. Noor was a willing and lovely person who did exactly that gave of herself. She had a choice and she chose to give herself to destiny. I cannot describe the feeling I have when reading about Noor. I feel her goodness her willingness her empathy for others. Life is certainly cruel never more so than when war is upon us.  Mans inhumanity to man knows no bounds and so wishing to find goodness in others is oft times a waste of time. Noor saw good but it would be wrong to say she didn’t know evil existed. Though being an empathetic person I think she could not imagine that she would be ultimately betrayed by the people she was working with.                          Noor is the first woman to be sent to France as a wireless operater  spy  but she would not be the last.  Mostly all women had been sent as couriers but noor  had excellent wireless telegraphy training.  She had excelled  at  her training she was fast and accurate.  From Aylesbury she went to Beaulieu where security training was capped with a practice mission.              A test of relaying a message from a new area while evading detection. A practice mission then a mock Gestapo interrogation.  Agents  would be given a taste of what may come if captured.They practiced their cover stories in memory game. Noor apparently  was fearful terrified shaking so overwhelmed she lost her voice. The report from the examiner officer was unfavourable  to her. It stated ‘not overburdened with brains but has worked hard and shown keenness, apart from her dislike of the security side of the course. She is unstable temperamental  personality and it is doubtful whether she is really suited to work in the field. Maurice Buckmaster , head of F section wrote in margin ‘nonscence’”we don’t want them over burdened with brains’.  Noor’s superiors held mixed opinions. Training was cut short as field operatives were in great need. One instructor noted she was very eager to please very feminine in character. She is small in stature kind hearted she admits she will not like being two faced. This worried her instructors greatly.  She is emotional forms strong attachments ,adaptable, imaginative and childlike. Scared of weapons she is not athletic in fact she was rather clumsy  plus she gives away too much information. She didn’t quite seem to understand what her training was for entirely.                                                                 But her training as a w/t operator was very good and her speed was improving. She was a natural signaller.  Vera Atkins ( Intelligence officer for F section ) insisted Noor’s commitment was unquestionable. Noor felt she wanted a challenge and felt  her time in WAAF had come to an end. Vera felt Noor was capable and ready.  Noor was to be a wireless operator  sending information from the field to London an entirely dangerous pursuit. Not only did she have to change addresses she had to carry the case containing the radio and this was increasingly difficult. 

The detection rate was becoming better and better so agents were in very vunerable  positions. She would be sending information about planned sabotage and weapons for resistance and field operatives.   Hiding aerials in attics or cloth lines to tap out morse code on transmitters replies would take hours and so agents such as noor would sit alone waiting and fearful of capture.  If stopped while moving the transmitter in a suitcase their was no possible explanation and capture was a certainty. An agent would have a  life expectancy of six weeks  in the field such was the apprehention rate. Noor was staying in Buckinghamshire a place of rest for agents and time for them to acquire the background of their new identities. A time to consider the missions they had been given. Noor had brought attention to herself. Information  by her  conducting officer  had  brought about  a formal report  which was sent to her superior officer Vera atkins. She had been said to be gloomy and was deeply troubled as to the mission at hand. Clearly she was nervous and I personaly think anyone would be.

 The conducting officer had contacted vera  and apparently two other agents had also  written letters to Vera providing similar stories as to reasons why Noor should not go to France. Troubled by these events Vera called Noor to London  for a meeting and a discussion. For clearly this was an abnormal event at this final stage of the mission. Noor’s  brother Vilayat felt that he was unable  with much regret to stop Noor from proceeding with her intention to go behind enemy lines. They meet in a restaurant Vera and Noor and vera offers that Noor doesn’t have to go and that to save any embarrassment  to Noor she will place her in another situation. I think after being told about the conducting officers concerns and the two companions letters I think Noor felt a little compelled to go. But having said that she did say to vera she was happy with what she was doing.  I also think having lived in Paris when younger I think she didn’t have a sense of great danger. It was familiar territory but she may have underestimated the Nazi machine.  

Maybe she equally over estimating her own capabilities not realizing that the signals were being more skilfully found by the German forces.    Yet there again she didn’t comprehend the hostilities of people close to her. She trusted those she was working with and this was her eventual undoing. Vera though felt that she had offered Noor a way out in any case Noor went forward. Vera also had noted she should not go if she was to let people down. Noor apparently also specified she found leaving her family very difficult and she told only half truths to her mother for fear of upsetting her. She said she was going abroad to Africa and she greatly disliked lying to her widowed mother. But again stipulated she wanted to go. Noor also must have known she may not return. Because she asked vera to send a newsletter periodically  to her family stating she was in good health. Noor further ventured that if she should go missing and if it were  confirmed the news should be given to her mother in the nicest possible way. Noor seemed settled and awaited her mission and vera felt equally relaxed.

  Noor had been promoted to assistant section officer she was to fly in a Lysander aircraft to a field near angers.


The westland Lysander is a British army co-operation and liason aircraft. It was used for highly classified missions from England over axis territory.  Many missions remain tightly locked in official secrecy. The Lysander was designed to land and take off from places normally unrecognizable as airfields. The aircraft operated from pastures fields and clearings in the forest giving access to secret agents into enemy territory. From Angers noor was to meet Francis Suttill  prosper circuit organiser and make her way to Paris and   meet with leader of prosper  sub circuit  organiser named Emile Garry ,cinema his alias.  Noor was to become a childrens nurse named Jean-marie Renier. However to other colleagues she would be known as Madelein. She had her identity papers  and false passport a few franks her pistol and a set of 4 cyannide  pills  she was also fluent in French.                                                                She travelled in the Lysander with two other agents operation code name Teacher/Nurse/chaplain/monk,along with Diane Rowden code name paulette/ chaplain. Cecily Lefort code name Alice/teacher they met with Henri Dericourt.  It was a moonlit night June 16  1943 they crossed the channel and into danger.                                 She began her work she had learnt to kill silently attend dead letter boxes and live letter boxes .she was taught to shoot.  Within weeks of Noors arrival the Paris circuit was discovered.  Almost all her fellow agents were swept up by the gestapo making Noor the only operator in the region.She was offered to be pulled out of the field but she insisted on staying.

The next 4 months was a game of cat and mouse,between London and other agents. It was dangerous to say the least. Noor at one stage, single handedly carried all the messages between London and other agents. Constantly tired from evading capture. She aided allied landings suppling the resistance with guns and Drop zones. Vienot resistance code name ‘Louis Deux’ worked for an electronic company stealing german seals to authenticate fake papers.  He used a double bottem brief case to hide blue prints of equipments the Nazi were using to jam radio signals. Deux had met her at a café but she was so exhausted she could hardly sit up. He took her to a hotel room so to allow her some sleep.  She laid on the bed and immediately slept while  he rested in a chair.  They messed the bed up when she woke after 2 hours and washed her face. They both went there separate ways. For 4 months she was on the run. She was using every technique she could to evade the gestapo. She disguised herself changing cloths, hair colours,addresses, hats, papers but one thing she chose too often was the colour blue she was eventually stopped because of the blue.  

The nazi had a general description of her and they were told she had a preference for blue.                                                  She was managing what would normally take a team to do the work. She was ultimately betrayed and that is what caught her.  Betrayal is a horrible thing and one can only hope the people involved suffered guilt.


Noor was located as I have said  by the betrayal  of a friend. Ultimately there were two possibilities Henri Dericourt who was eventually revealed to be a double agent. But this may have been on the orders from London British Intelligence M16. The second possibilities Renee Garry sister to Kahn’s supervising agent. She may have been jealous of Noor. There was a a reward of 100,000 francs placed on noors head. Renee was paid  the money and her attitude  vengeful for a supposed affection  of  agent France  Antelme.

This jealousy between the  two women was never confirmed. No evidence exists to say  Noor had any relation with France. After the war  Renee Garry was  tried but escaped by one vote.                                                  In any case Noor was arrested in October  1943. She was taken to 84 Avenue Foch  Gestapo  headquarters.  She immediately escaped but was re-captured.                                           The nazi’s  found her note book and began impersonated her to transmit  to unsuspecting  London Headquarters.  This resulted  in the captures and deaths of many special operatives .   London did not realize the transmissions were not from  Noor  Khan. Rather it took some time to discover the german forces were working the radio. A few weeks later she made another attempt to escape clambering out onto a roof. She was apprehended and now labelled as highly dangerous. She was taken to  Pforzheim Prison on the edge of the Black Forest. She spent 10 long months here in isolation wearing heavy chains on her ankles ,foot irons. She could not feed herself or clean herself.  She was treated like an animal beaten regularly.

Tortured and interrogated  but to her credit and to her  bravery she revealed nothing.On the night of the 11th of September she was ordered out of her cell. She was driven to the train station handcuffed  and accompanied by Gestapo officer Max Wassmer. Christian ott another gestapo officer  would visit  his family in Stuttgart after the transportation  to Dachau. He and wassmer were in charge of prisoner transports  to Dachau. Once at the station of Karlsruhe she met 3 other captives other colleagues  yolande Beekman, madeleine  Damerment  and Elaine Plewman and together they were made to board the train.They reached Dachau at midnight and were led to the concentration camp. They were taken into the yard  and Wassmer pronounced the death sentence.  Only Lagerkommandant  and the two SS officers were present at the execution.  Noor was beaten viciously kicked and after several hours in a state of frailty she slumped to the ground .  An  officer  asked wether a  protest could be made the commandant  declared  no protest can be made .  All girls were  then forced  to kneel and were  shot point blank through the back of the head.  Another Dutch prisoner said in 1958  that Noor  was beaten by Wilhelm  Ruppert  and when  she was to be shot she called out ‘liberte’. 

The executioner was a SS guard wassmen  and one girl had to be shot twice since life still prevailed. After the deaths jewelly was taken from the bodies and  confiscated by the SS officers.  Noor Inayat khan  was posthumously awarded  the George  cross 1949 and the Croix de gurre with silver star as she was still considered missing but it was given in 1946. She was 30 years of age as so many were younger it does not lessen the sacrifice.  I just make comment on the total loss of life through the horror of war.


After Noors death her mother and brother would relate a spiritual experience. They were unaware of Noor’s situation and on the night Noor was murdered both woke and each had the same dream. Noor appeared to them in a blue light and said “I am Free’  Weeks later they received the sad news that their loved one was dead.                                                     My feeling on reading of noor is such a strength and love of righteous behaviour.

She was a true believer in goodness prevailing. Yet the worst of humanity treated her with contemptuous brutality. My heart cries out for all the young soldiers and innocents who prevailed or passed in such ferocity as war. In 2011 a campaign was launched to raise money 100000 pound to create a bronze bust of Noor in central London near her former home. This is the first memorial to a Muslim or Asian woman. Noor had already been commemorated on the fany memorial in St Pauls Church wilton Place, Knightsbridge London. The unveiling of the Bronze bust took place 8th November in Gordon square Bloomsbury London by princess royal Anne.  Noor was commemorated in a set of stamps about remarkable lives in 2018.  Noor deserves all adulation as her triumphant stance against fascism and violence. This is my salute to Noor Inayat khan a truly wondrous spirit who shone bright in the blackest moments imaginable. She did not die  needlessly  but rather  triumphantly as  she stood for freedom.


These are the facts of Noor’s life and its ending Assistant Section Officer INAYAT-KHAN was sent to Karlsruhe in November 1943, and then to Pforzheim where her cell was apart from the main prison. She was considered to be a particularly dangerous and unco-operative prisoner.                  The Director of the prison has also been interrogated and has confirmed that Assistant Section Officer INAYAT-KHAN, when interrogated by the Karlsruhe Gestapo, refused to give any information whatsoever, either as to her work or her colleagues.
She was taken with three others to Dachau Camp on the 12 September 1944. On arrival, she was taken to the crematorium and shot.
Assistant Section Officer INAYAT-KHAN displayed the most conspicuous courage, both moral and physical over a period of more than

World War two took so many beautiful people from this world. The sheer sadness and cruelty of man to man or in this case woman. Noor was awarded the George cross for bravery she died in Dachau Concentration camp. A British spy and first muslim woman to stand for liberty against the German SS and its barbaric invasive actions in the world.  She had such fortitude Noor should be seen and remembered with great pride as a muslin Indian English girl who saw wrong and tried to right it or at the very least to do her bit. With complete bravery she like millions of others joined the war to stem the tide of fascism which swept across Europe dictators and in general greedy racist doctrines who took peoples worst qualities and espoused them.

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                            The END

Do you vibe hope and kindness into the world or do you vibe chaos. Scammers and big buisness sometimes only care about the money nothing matters not the customer or the product. Cruel intentions are spewing into the atmosphere like ghost’s from hell leaving broken people and dreams every where. Thus it is carried on the wind this malignant attitude to infect every heart ❤ kindness becomes a rare event. People don’t smile or speak to exchange goodness only to take even those who would argue that their product helps people are really only selfish and self absorbed. To me its not enough to just educate the public because their is a dangerous friend syndrome or to put the onous on the other to beware its for you and you and you to ask yourself am I doing good or am I doing the devil’s work and vibing greed into the world. I think if you are honest with yourself you will find an answer really quickly and so I ask are you doing good to people or are you doing good for you?.

The heart ❤ of the world is in a battle against evil and the devil calls watch for the smoke and look for the fire 🔥



Its easy to point the finger at people but there is always reason ,understanding and if you stop to put yourself in some ones else’s situation then you can learn to not judge.. This small tale which speaks to how you view yourself and how others view you. We are sometimes the reason someone else is lifted up and we are not alone in our journey so note the spec in your own eye before you judge others.

A  tale  is  a  tale   and  this  is  that .    As   white  as  snow   in  a   land  that  time  forgot ,  mythical   folk   and   storybook   creatures   are   on  the  edge  of  your  mind  where  dreams  can  be   found.   Enter   this  realm   cross  over  the  bridge   take  note  of  the  troll   who  just  may  appear.                                                   Pay  one  token  but   not  one  penny  more  for  he  will  ask  for  that   and  more.   A  troll  is   a  grumpy  grouchy  old   thing  a  token  he`ll  say  not  one  but  two.                 Pay  one  and  no  more  and  let  him  rage  and  cry  and  then  say   nay  I  shall pass  I  have  paid  you  your  due  and   then   he  will   yield   in  a  grumbling  cry.                                                                                                                                                   In  a  forest  and  a  garden  all  things   can  be  found  from   catapillars   in  sneakers   to    princesses  in   gowns.                                                                                                                                   There  are  spiders  knitting   webs  so  large  they  cannot  climb   and  toads  on    podiums   expounding  their  views. .                                                                                                                                Wander  at  your  leisure  through   forests  dark  and  deep  taking  pleasure  in  the   songs   that  you  hear  in  the  trees ,  the  birds  so   mellow   whistle   and   coo. 

In   a  paddock   of   deep  green  green  grass  comes   a    mournful   sound   is  it   Bess   the    cow   who   bellows  and  moos!

The  Rabbit  said   The time has gone we cannot stay and he dissappeared away



The wolf the killer of dreams who prowls the night in search of fresh blood to lick the arteries and drain the souls of  the  unfortunate wanders. The body matters not for it is the blood it desires like  vampires of the pack. The beast howls and hunts with loyalty to his brothers equally who thirst for the satiated desire. Dripping delight with every lick to weaken and kill to join the dreamer in that lustful deadly dance called death. The power of the pack creates a cruel delight in the hunt and in the kill they drink the essence of life. In folklore the powerful eat the heart of their victims as the wolf does and  as he consumes his power and ferocity  grows. He ceases to be a mere wolf his  aura takes on the apparitions of the wolfman of imagination. To bite and snarl with lust unabated death becomes the frenzied  delight of  murderous passion without control.               The moon glows across the deadly scene when the auras of the pack become one and the essence is hot and red upon the ground. Cry the wolf, cry the killer of souls , cry the dreamer of  hearts and  blood as the nightmare becomes the fantasy of hell. 

The witch

Black cats are bad luck and the witches muse/ Who killed the wicked witch of OZ?  Nay it was murder most foul who will pay the devil his  due or does a witch prevail upon an angel …who is to say what evil meets your mind in those witching hours nay I pray to know who killed that most loving witch ???

The snake knows he is powerful but he is still fearful and will run if he can .

The spider is an innocent creature yet he inspires such hatred and fear. He is after all a natural killer he weaves his net and casts it to the breeze and only the silver threads reflect in the moon. A witches friend for only she can tames the 8-legged creature. He eats the flies and butterflies and spits out all the bones. He never goes far from his prey on the web he will stay. He is a fisher of souls and he repairs his web with ghostly threads of his dead. This is a cycle of his life to poison and kill to cocoon and eat the blessed meat. To eat build his web of the deadly threads of souls, now entombed inside the spider the innocent deadly spider.

Louisa Jen

 A short tale of Allenhdoor

The witch of Allenhdoor had taken the castle with her dwarf armies. Small men with ferocious wolves. A murder of ravens the sky black with her forces. They swooped in to first pecked the eyes from the kings men, who defended the walls. Then came the wolves to rip their throats and the job half done it only required a dwarf man to slice the heads from their bodies. Blood ran like water and her small dragons from the Island of Pagoda finished off the morsels. The dragon master was reptilian in appearance some say he was born of the incestuous love of reptiles. The witch of Allenhdoor wore white so beautiful she sparkled and shone like a dazzling moon beam. She was in appearance innocent evil men fell at her feet. But she had no lover she would never know love. Such was her chastity such was her fate. There was only one love and she dared not whisper his name lest the devil heard it. He was brave handsome dark eyes dark hair and love surrounded him in a blue light which shone from his armour. He rode a great steed and she grew weak when she whispered his name silently on the breeze. He did not love her and she had grown sad and so she took the castle of a goodly king and locked his daughter in the dungeon. She thought the dragons might like a princess for dinner or maybe the spiders could cocoon her, For the moment she lived and the witch enjoyed the crawling creatures. What would happen would the knight come to rescue the princess???? next episode we shall discover. spiders and snakes joined in games of climbing castle walls going up the briar’s and the blood red roses. while the ravens sat and ate the lady bugs. The wolves slept and the dragons finished their feast. The sun rose to a reddened sky all quiet in the castle. The slithering creatures lay silent their poison to deliver to any moving thing. No one saw the shadow moving it crept up the roses and passed over the wall. It stepped across the sleeping dragons and silently moved down the stairs to that place of torture. She saw the shadow she knew hope. Suddenly a ray of light from a candle on the stair a shine so bright the shadow disappeared. The light grew brighter as the witch stepped closer to the cell; she smiles to see the dread in the eyes that looked back. She laughed and turned away and the light shut the door behind her. closed doors bar the escape she sat in silence she wondered where had the shadow gone? Maybe she never saw the shadow, maybe she dreamed the shadow into life. She sat now without any more illusion. The princess was imprisoned and feared that death would come here in this cold grey doom. Maybe the light of the moon would never be seen again. Maybe this was the happy ending to see only the black of space. no star to dement the mind, no light to hope without cause. Just empty skies to give peace of spirit. To accept the void, to sit in the void. The Keep became her home the witch moved the prisoner to the keep and there she watched the stars and heaven seemed closer than ever before. The moon shone and the days were long but breezes blew all manner of dreams in to her little world. The roses could be seen and smelt ,there was a bed to lay upon and books to read. She looked across the fields and in winter they were white and in summer green . One day she was sitting reading and she looked at her shadow. She knew she was not alone. At night he was always in her dreams. The wicked Queen grew ever more powerful and hope faded. Many in the castle believed this to be wrong that the dearest lady was in the castle keep. It was not long before a stranger came into her life a rider came to the castle he was dark and brutish. He walked with his sword no one bothered such a powerful looking man the snakes hid the dragons slept and the queen watched from her window. Many were in the castle this day. The princess looked down as he looked up and their eyes saw a friend in each other. He did not know how but this stranger wanted to help the girl. He went to the queen and saw her beauty. He was a determined man, a strong man but the queen was far too caught in the gaze of the knight ,the shadow. This man was not to be undone so he set a plan of rescue. He took great heart and crept to the keep killing snakes and dragons as he went and several guards lost their lives. He would not risk the front gate rather they would jump to the ocean below , the castle sat on the edge of the sea. Rocks jutted out he knew he could jump the distance. He would throw the princess from the keep and pray she would survive it. So he did he took her hand and he swung her around and hurled her as far as his strength would allow. He saw her hit the water and he ran and jumped as far out as he could. They were both in the water and swam to the shore. Horses waited and they travelled far from the castle to the sands of the desert. They travelled the old silk road to a new life in the exotic east a place of wonder and beauty. She only sometimes remembered her love of the shadow but every time she remembered him a tear ran down her cheek. love never lost its pain. Life however did go on but never quite the same.

The end

Stars to light the way


Some times there is no going back the past can deceive the mind and crush the heart NO some times the only moment is now and to move on leave the car crash behind. Lest you believe the misery other situations inflicted upon you you can forgive and never go back to the past. Love yourself and treat yourself with respect.

If you are unwell today or nervous about something today try to calm your fears and know people are there to help you.

Awe and wonder

colorful polar lights over snowy mountain
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Did I dream too long did I fly too high
Love gave me wings
But I have long since crashed and burned
I stand each day and cast my wishes upon the breeze l watch the tide and imagine you
Love imagined or real
Emotional depths untold unexplainable
What began this story this desire this incantation what enchantment of magic
Somewhere you are real Somewhere in another realm far far away
I stand upon my distant shore and weep for dreams lost
Louisa jen

Crystal tears

crystal tears as stars amongst the planets align/ The moon drifts in its reflected sunlit glow/ My dreams swing on Rainbow gases of burning fire to warm the gods on high/ Torn between the earth and sky diamonds dazzle with visions of earthly magic/ Windswept sands and miraculous mountain tops of ice and snow. All glowing in golden sunlight and shimmering on moonlit nights. Life on earth glorious in the celestial lights of heaven.

Some times LOVE is not enough and that I have learnt the hard way, fallen and then fell. The death of hope and of your wishes are difficult emotions to live with. To see the reality of your life and the late hour of the change of love and your heart bleeds. So we look to celestial light and prayer to fill the void of emotion. I am left to wonder what is love is it to stay committed to a memory of love of to leave in hope and then to live in the memory of love. I asked god to light my way but full of doubt and with no love I stay prepared to die without Love. If God wanted me to focus on the spiritual then he is successful I only hope my heart will heal and then my eyes might dry, Love celestial and complicated beyond all understanding.

Such a handsome face

Obsession, magnificent in its simplicity of love

Instant and intense love and I am sorry I became your burden

But it was always you I am glad you are strong and happy now

My affection was always a bit crazy and the years are unkind

Take the love as a caring that bent the rules and amazed the moon.

louisa jen

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perfection is rare and love even rarer take heart fair knight thy lady did love you so well she dared not to burden you with age for fear you felt trapped in her love.

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York Henry Bear

Who doesn’t love a bear unless it a live wild bear thats another story.

York henry bear goes to the moon

The night watchman saw a little golden bear sitting alone  in the dark.  He stopped and he asked are you lost ‘no indeed’ said the bear. The night watchman then asked ‘what is your name and where do you live’. York henry bear was the answer and  then he added I live on waterloo road’.  ‘Well, well’ said the night watchman, ‘can I see you home sir Bear’, ‘no’ said the bear in his gruff, voice. ‘I am going to the moon very soon!     The night watchman smiled then said ‘But there is no moon out this night to see  the clouds  cover the view’. Besides, that seems to be a long way to go, how then do you intend to fly there’? ‘I have a magic flying machine’ now the night watchman laughed. Bear looked quite angry and so  the watchman said  ‘space is a dangerous place for a bear don’t you think ? ,besides its late’.  York said ‘mouse told me the moon is made of cheese and I simply must go there’.  But bears eat honey said the night watch! York looked at him and said I better take a honey jar and a pound cake with me. The man who lives on the moon will be happy of that I should suppose’. The night watch couldn’t hold his curiosity and asked ‘how do you know  and did mouse tell you this?’ ‘Yes’ said York indeed and his name is Roger’. ‘I heard mouse talking to him on his mobile’.       

 I will be on my way as soon as the moon is out and my moon machine is ready’. Where is this machine now?’ he asked incredulously. York pointed to his head then said ‘its in my imagination but Im going to do it I have made a plan’.  Yes one day there will be a bear in space and that bear is going to be me York Henry bear’.  ‘Well I do admire your ambition’ then he stopped and said ‘lets get you home’ said the watchman.  York was getting a little chilly so he agreed and off they walked to Waterloo road. 

They arrived at a stately home and the watchman was amazed! ‘you live here yes’ said bear. They neared the door and rang the bell a Butler in black suit  opened the door and said ‘York your home, Lady Emily  was so worried’.  ’No need’ said York , then the butler  asked would you have tea  York offered the watchman tea  and he  answered in the affirmative’.  York ordered honey and  James the butler  nodded then York said ‘in the drawing room please’. As they entered and sat ,the watchman tried to say ‘I cannot stay long’.                               Amazingly  a  grey mouse wearing gold rimmed glasses and red vest appeared.  He came from a small red door in the corner of a book case.              He was  carrying a single mug and small plate and climbed a series of adventure books which led upward from the floor to a small round table. He sat the mug  and plate upon a book, which sat  on  the table.            At this moment Lady Emily entered the room following James who carried the tea. Introductions and tea followed while the fire crackled in the grate.  William the watchman sat entranced by the stately beauty of lady Emily who sparkled in the light. Mouse had now settled and began sipping tea and honey.                               York spoke eloquently about his journey to the moon. Emily smiled and talked to William  as if they had known one another all their lives.  Mouse said in a tiny sqeaky voice  that he wanted to live on a moon full of cheese.   What mouse didn’t know was his friend a chef Sebastian who worked in the ritz restaurant had taken to phoning him as a joke. ‘Over roger’ he would say and laugh when mouse believed he was the man in the moon. So the joke became the quest of Mouse and York. Together they began to build a rocket ship which would carry them to the moon.  In the backyard workshop they toiled with every problem  and finally the rocket was ready and done.  The fuel was loaded and the blasters were ready to blast.  On a moonlit night they would aim for the moon and they would succeed.

Emily and the night watchman were all  there  for the take off.                               Mouse was on board and finally York climbed on-board. Ready on the count of ten l will push the button and we will be on our way to the moon.  Off they went and as the power took them up into the night sky they saw all the sparkling stars. They passed through the milky way and suddenly the rocket ran out of fuel and began to plumet to the earth. Round and round they spun mouse felt giddy and bear fainted such was the speed and the spin. There was an emergency parachute that deployed and brought them to earth gently wafting in the air. Then thud they hit the ground and after a little while they opened the capsule door and they were in a snowy place with penguins all around them.

The mobile was working and they called for rescue and help. Several hours passed but then they heard the sounds of a helicopter their rescue had come. The joke had turned into a great adventure which they told Sebastian all about, but he was very silent and the joke remained a secret. So back in Waterloo street Emily and William listened with amazement. The great moon adventure had come to a crashing end but all was well and now York sits in the sunlight and dreams of far-off places.

                          The End

Queen, Paddington Bear rock Jubilee

I am an arctophile.

york and friend polar


(PLease always remember bears are ferocious)


The one who likes honey

I remember seeing James mason interviewed a wonderful actor and he talked about his teddy bear collection.

President Roosevelt - Pach Bros (cropped).jpg

Theodore Roosevelt Jr. (/ˈroʊzəvɛlt/ ROH-zə-velt;[b] October 27, 1858 – January 6, 1919), often referred to as Teddy or his initials T. R., was an American statesman, conservationist, naturalist, historian, and writer, who served as the 26th president of the United States from 1901 to 1909. He previously served as the 33rd governor of New York from 1899 to 1900 and the 25th vice president of the United States from March to September 1901. Roosevelt emerged as a leader of the Republican Party and became a driving force for anti-trust and Progressive policies.

Roosevelt was a sickly child with debilitating asthma but partly overcame his health problems by embracing a strenuous lifestyle. He integrated his exuberant personality, a vast range of interests and achievements into a “cowboy” persona defined by robust masculinity. He was home-schooled and began a lifelong naturalist avocation before attending Harvard. His book The Naval War of 1812 (1882) established his reputation as a learned historian and popular writer. Upon entering politics, he became the leader of the reform faction of Republicans in New York’s state legislature. His wife and mother both died in rapid succession, and he began to frequent a cattle ranch in the Dakotas. He served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy under President William McKinley but resigned to lead the Rough Riders during the Spanish–American War. Returning a war hero, he was elected governor of New York in 1898.[2] After Vice President Garret Hobart died in 1899, the New York state party leadership convinced McKinley to accept Roosevelt as his running mate in the 1900 election. Roosevelt campaigned vigorously, and the McKinley–Roosevelt ticket won a landslide victory based on a platform of peace, prosperity, and conservation.

Roosevelt took office as vice president in 1901 and assumed the presidency at age 42 after McKinley was assassinated the following September.[3] He remains the youngest person to become President of the United States. Roosevelt was a leader of the progressive movement and championed his “Square Deal” domestic policies, promising the average citizen fairness, breaking of trusts, regulation of railroads, and pure food and drugs. He prioritized conservation and established national parksforests, and monuments intended to preserve the nation’s natural resources. In foreign policy, he focused on Central America where he began construction of the Panama Canal. He expanded the Navy and sent the Great White Fleet on a world tour to project American naval power. His successful efforts to broker the end of the Russo-Japanese War won him the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize. Roosevelt was elected to a full term in 1904 and continued to promote progressive policies. He groomed his close friend William Howard Taft to succeed him in the 1908 presidential election.

Roosevelt grew frustrated with Taft’s brand of conservatism and belatedly tried to win the 1912 Republican nomination for president. He failed, walked out, and founded the Progressive Party. He ran in the 1912 presidential election and the split allowed the Democratic nominee Woodrow Wilson to win the election. Following the defeat, Roosevelt led a two-year expedition to the Amazon basin where he nearly died of tropical disease. During World War I, he criticized Wilson for keeping the country out of the war; his offer to lead volunteers to France was rejected. He considered running for president again in 1920, but his health continued to deteriorate. He died in 1919. He is generally ranked in polls of historians and political scientists as one of the five best presidents.

The name teddy bear comes from former United States President Theodore Roosevelt, who was commonly known as “Teddy” (though he loathed being referred to as such).[3] The name originated from an incident on a bear hunting trip in Mississippi in November 1902, to which Roosevelt was invited by Mississippi Governor Andrew H. Longino. There were several other hunters competing, and most of them had already killed an animal. A suite of Roosevelt’s attendants, led by Holt Collier,[4] cornered, clubbed, and tied an American black bear to a willow tree after a long exhausting chase with hounds. They called Roosevelt to the site and suggested that he shoot it. He refused to shoot the bear himself, deeming this unsportsmanlike, but instructed that the bear be killed to put it out of its misery,[5][6] and it became the topic of a political cartoon by Clifford Berryman in The Washington Post on November 16, 1902.[7][8][9] While the initial cartoon of an adult black bear lassoed by a handler and a disgusted Roosevelt had symbolic overtones, later issues of that and other Berryman cartoons made the bear smaller and cuter. Morris Michtom saw the drawing of Roosevelt and was inspired to create a teddy bear. He created a tiny soft bear cub and put it in the shop window with a sign “Teddy’s bear”, after sending a bear to Roosevelt and receiving permission to use his name. The toys were an immediate success and Michtom founded the Ideal Novelty and Toy Co.

Teddy Bear


There is no rhyme or reason sometimes there is only the moment

Then and now we are the world

The sands lament to give up its thirsty wanderers

How many bones lie therein that earth the unforgiven

Man the monster who fought for the resources to survive

Families trapped in a sea of sand gave way to perverse love

Intertwined blood mirrors upon the sand

The dunes and the beasts of burden to carry the souls to water

Prayers essential to hope to life to love

Kings and princes and queens of the shifting sands


alarm clock lying on multicolored surface
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I keep my bear in a hat box

A suitable place to live

He never complains

We share my bed

I kiss him goodnight

He never complains

He gives me my hat

I give a nob to his gentle ways

He lives in a hat box and there he will stay.


The Lion

The tree bends in the breeze

Hyenas laugh with the African Dogs

The pack defends the grasslands

The grasses conceal the lion

He is the power of the pride

He rests in the shade

The lioness hunts and gives life

Cruelty kills cubs who are not of his loins

Man can hunt the lion, Man can kill the lion

Roar that hollow sound across the plains

For regicide becomes the King


What does love mean to you Is it care for another’s welfare , is it sexual in a relationship is it kindness and friendship company through the years. Self reflection has brought me to where I am and I loved not wisely. I blame no one but myself so we are ever the best of friends and if that is love then I love.


All across the world people search for a spiritual connection to a deity God and this connection brings us into a divine soul a deep recess of knowledge. It is here we find a peace within ourselves a strength and a connection to other souls.

Past best seen in the rear vision.

Choices are sometimes not easy walk in my shoes and test your loyalty ??

love the writings and the words

The sun

The lady who walks in moonlight

Fallen into time she lives there eternal

Sun and moon misguided heart of stolen moments

Come dance with me, he whispered as he tasted her essence

Stars collided in  desolation for death was not for her

The moon is out tonight and wolves walk near

Words bite bitter on her tongue as her spirit shifts  

Owl and Bats cling to  twisted trees

Oh vengeful heart is dead and bled on silver drifts

The world a mirror of her tears no more

Ohh blessed sun in repose warms even the coldest heart

She is the sleeping beauty cast into hell

 Blood drips from her kiss  and the sun has become her terror

The lady sleeps in darkness with black roses on her bed

Louisa jen

My little story of Joshua my pilgrim hope you might like a short journey

author louisa jen

The year is 1755

life is a journey and Joshua Higgins decided he would become a monk and he would offer himself to god, He would travel and speak the words of gospel to whom ever he met on the road of life. He decided if he was serious he should seek to perform a pilgrimage to the holy church of Rome. He began his quest from where he was on a farm in Ireland. The year was 1755 and a ship sailed from London to France and he determined to be on board one of those ships within the month. He determined to walk the pilgrims way as a penitence for all his transgressions. He was a single man and had been also considering joining the order of monks that resided at Skellig Michael a settlement on twin pinnacle crags off the coast of county kerry. It was a long way from his home and his work as a roof thatcher, but he had been a constant at his church and he was inclined to a good heart so the quest began in his mind as a precursor to his vocational decision. It was a lonely choice some said but for Joshua it was a good choice the only choice to do good in the world. He set out with a bag for his travels , on his back a few pieces of bread and several pieces of silver to cost his journey. The sandels he wore soon began to hurt his feet but this he felt as a flagulation to his soul and an atonement for his sins. As he travelled he passed several souls and one in particular. He came across towards him from a field and so Joshua looked at him but his demeanor seemed arrogant and frightening. Joshua thought to turn away but then reasoned to turn his back might signal fear and then a dagger might lodge in his back. Joshua had heard of pilgrims being attacked and killed for their few poultry coins such was the poverty of body and soul. So Joshua walked on and as the distance closed between them Joshua felt the presence of the devil a monster envisioned his mind or perhaps a dragon was more the imagery or sight that caught in his mind. The distance closed and now the vision was clear he was a man walking but in his aura the devil lucifer walked with him. Fire and smoke seen and yet unseen he was a shape shifter who was also a bear or a lion and as they now faced each other questions flowed from the beast like a torrent of fire. Pilgrim he said indeed offered Joshua. Wither are you bound said the strange apparition of a man. I am walking to London and then to Rome. Any coins said the creature and held out his gnarled hand then Joshua dug into his pocket and pulled a silver coin from it then saying tis all I can give’ , the creature took the coin and growled. Then the stranger said this is gods country and therefore it is mine for I am the true god. Joshua stood silent and simply nodded for he who agrees with a fool is kind and he who argues with a fool is more foolish than the fool. Joshua had seen a jester in a play and had seen the idiotic behavior which in the end shows the fool to be lost in a delusional world.

I could kill you now and bury you under my pumkin’s and they would become purple pumkin’s in the spring for the roots would entwine your blood and course it into a nourished earth of blood there and then he began to laugh uncontrollably. Joshua stepped back and said the earth is rich already from your wisdom and so I must depart. The strange aura seemed to glow with fire but suddenly turned and glowed white and between Joshua and the devil stood an angle who beckoned Joshua to go and that is what happened Joshua moved quickly away. There seemed to be a scream which permeated the air and then silence and a calm came over Joshua for God had come near to him and touched his heart with what we would call an intuition. Pilgrims passed and nodded and with sore feet he crossed hills and streams to come to a deep valley dark and as night was falling it seemed darker than usual. It was to Joshua’s mind a valley of humiliations and he spoke the rosery and clung to his cross as he walked the darkening way. Then a strange thing happened the land became as light as day for a full moon glowed to light the way. Joshua prayed and spoke to himself as a man would to his father and at a late midnight hour he laid his head down in a grassy knoll and fell to sleep. Slowly the country side turned into town and cottages turned into city. A sign post appraised London 100 miles and so the walk trudged on stopping at inns for rest. London drew ever closer and a new pair of shoes were bought and so in much more comfort the pilgrim walked on. Joshua had lost the ability to talk such was his idea of prayer and his fervor had him whispering the parables to himself constantly feeling he was coming closer to god with every word and every step. Finally London horses and Hanson cabs Joshua wasted little time only enough to eat and procure a ticket on the ship to cross to Calais. Having boarded the ship and setting sail the trip across was rocky and the wind blew with such a force of power into the sails. The crew did not cease their workings , pulling ropes and sails with the captain giving orders to the boson who in turn kept the crew from slacking off as men will. The crossing took another day before Calais came into sight flags flying and men checking passengers finally to say welcome Joshua and all other passengers to Calais. Joshua had his papers which were all in order and then down the step to solid ground and Joshua was on his way . He had rested on the ship and filled his stomach so there was a quickening of his step. He felt light hearted and his soul soared while his prayer seemed to himself more joyful.

The road to Rome was long and people often asked in their broken English where he was headed to which answered and offered to pray with them further he offered a bible story. There were good souls who offered food and taverns offered a bed and a bath. So it was by the time Joshua walked into the Cathedral he felt purged of all sins for his soul was too washed of arduous efforts that when he knelt only tears came. He had achieved his hearts desire and he would decide his vocation here before he left Rome. He asked the Bishop for an audience and in that there was a miracle for he was offered a great deal of advice. The heart was cured and the mind was clear , Joshua told of his encounter with the angel of God and the Devil who came to him on his road to the holy city. The Bishop knelt with Joshua and he found hope in the words spoken and he departed Rome with an aim of solitude and a desire to forgive and shelter in Gods great love.

Do you think he joined his brothers to give to the world.


I try to add a song you might like while you and I meet in my words and share our moments come be with me in this lonely moment. louisa from Oz


Enigma of silence in the dark, in the dark

Listen to the sounds of emptiness

Lost in a world of change we close the door

We open our hearts and bare our souls

We wait for the dagger we wait for the dark

Inspired of the silence the enigma of death

Spirit swirls in the aura of the abyss

The day and the night collide into grey

Unified by the devil saved by God

Angels horrifying in the sight warm the breath

They glow in the Dark and gather close to protect

Shielded accepted and loved

Lord lead me and I will follow


thankyou flutterers; remember our paths are ever winding.

hearts on fire

Did you see the field of flutterbys glowing in the sun, See the flowers reaching up to touch the sun, what a day to say thankyou for one more day, sip your coffee and feel the grace fall upon your shoulders, You have so much to share with the world even if its only a smile to brighten a lonely heart. Be at peace with the universe, be at one with your journey. Let no one be hurt by your embrace be brave and be still and simply be. ( love louisa ) you are picture perfect….

Adventures are what we live for so organize your new adventure what might it be a trip to the beach a ride on a tram it can be as small as a night picnic take candles and evening meal on a warm evening and enjoy the atmosphere of the night sky. There are all kinds of magic believe and you will see the mirrored image of love which is you.

Happiness can take many forms ,depending on the individual for a child it might be a ride or a swing for an adult it might be found in prayer or family time. When you think of happiness what does that conger up for you ? I have taken a few of the things that make me happy and put them together in my blog. Photography , history, magic in all its forms , travel _ flying is a grand adventure, teddy bears, Art in all its forms, coffee and finally books and women’s rights.. Really there are so many things my mind is interested in my blog is simply too small lol. I picked my theme of Flutterbys because butterflies are so delicate and beautiful and my mum who is gone now use always say there are Flutterbys in the garden. These magical words congers happy images of fairies and rabbits and all things nice. Carnivals remind us of our happy times as children lets try to keep that wonder.



Michael had the same vision a united world can you hear God speaking we are one we are human

join me

Amazon e books

I want to let those people who loved me know you helped me and forgivness is implicit because where would I have been without you all and all I ask is everyone be well and be happy.

Moonlight and lovers

death comes like a theif in the night

be very afraid of the moon

love kills the heart

love brings death

louisa jen

today I am changed trust is an issue but I am now a better person because I respect myself and love myself and the rest dies with me lol.

My life has been travel

Today I still enjoy my blog but I am very much more careful with my connections, Falling in love on the net can be disastrous so I rise from my fall and I love everyone who loved me. Those who kept me from killing myself, have you felt you cant go on? I felt the road was too long, really. I tell this to say we are all human and we all fail but we have to remember tomorrow is another day so always be hopeful.. Contact suicide help if this rings a bell and remember your not alone we are all human.!

Tomorrow is a new adventure

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