a book of poetry on a wooden table


Too late time escapes and death looms who needs the pain of love?

Moon nomads

The Stars align for the uae are aiming high in the race to mars

Space the last frontier and perhaps only the trekies will remember

Let me now take a moment to remember the great dunes of the Sahara

Upon those dunes the Arab camels trod to bring the wealth of the ancient worlds

To carry across the silk road the dreams of others but also the slaves travelled the roads

From China and India all roads led to Marrakech and so the trade good travelled

There in those golden dunes the stories of Aladdin and his forty thieves were born

The emirs and sheiks who basked in riches of the world, sitting in their tents

Can you imagine the first tent erected  on mars may well be by the ancestors of those great nomadic linages

There’s a story to be told and is  waiting for someone to write it

Nomads of the stars

By Louisa Jen

three camels resting in the desert
Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com


A lonely walk in the clouds
A normal story seen in the news
confronting evaluation, estimated retaliation 
Pride takes the fall
they dared him to stand
A knife in his hand ,lighting struck
justice and court 
He sits in a cell
cast into hell
stop the ticking clock
The priest assured him an 
angel would help him 
god would forgive him   
no deed removed 
time and tears stain the ground
just a lonely walk in the clouds………………………………
louisa jen

Not all is known not all is seen remember this when you meet people and be kind always


Light and darkness

A collide scope of colour’s,   Emotions undone ,   Romance and love,                                                                                               Erotic fantasy games and fun,  sadness and joy,  only a toy, let heart betray heart let no love start

Evil comes by night

Evil echos in the world it comes as a friend in the night, it pretends to love. Evil portrays a spiritual life yet only corrupts and confuses the world, it steal hearts and material worth it dives deep into the blood of others to take the life force. Evil is mirrored and jumps back in terror for it is seen in the eyes of others and yet it fears to see it in themselves. Therefore and hence the mirror cracked and the illusions revealed. Hope lost for the wealth is taken and yet the golden view drops upon the quicksand to slip away into the past to be seen in the rear view of ones story. Looking back the snakes slither upon the burning sands and no light is seen only visions of vampires caught in the dance of satiated desire. Blood and gold stolen that he might rise beyond the sun! Pity remains but sympathy is not love and despair shall remain unsaid cast your eye to god and let the tears redeem you.

louisa jen

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