two black dslr cameras

Kiss the scars and touch the moon

Touch the moon and reach for the sun

Reach for the sun and find a miracle

Life is a million diamonds in the black of space

There is power in the blood of the lamb

Power of the sacrifice of love

Food for thought before you fly to arabic countries know that women have no rights to bring charges without suffering disrespect and that sadly the men feel entitled by virtue of the religion of convenience when it comes to having numerous wives and encounters.

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The vampire

The moon haunted the night sky

He desired the essence, he  gripped  her throat 

She floated  in that twilight of  desire

 Drawn to his magnetic power 

Their shadows shifted  in the miasma

The room swims in an ocean of stars  

the shape shifter, howls like a wolf

Black roses on the tomb stone

 Pain became her pleasure

His lips wet with eternal life

Destiny gave immortality

The phantom, the erotic dream

 Love beyond the grave



Words and reason

Illusion is the reality of a magician 

Its a hidden reality of escapology

I use the term escapology loosely

To escape, to hide, to reignite imagination

To imagine magic and let the pretense be seen 

The  unseen becomes the illusion 

The new reality a philosophy of worlds

worlds created in the fires of drama

Drama played out in reality 

Reality  a staged  illusion

Illusions become the new reality

louisa Jen

Will you join me for coffee and relaxation

Chocolate mmmmmmm!

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Hot coffee on cold windy days so beautiful add some sugar and spice soooo lovely lol orgasmic haha take a picture of coffee and cake mmmmmm!

I would love to imagine people reading Flutterbys while sipping coffee or some romantic idea of my dream. I didnt build Flutterbys to make money I had a purest idea to make people happy yet some or most probably cant imagine why I dont require more money simple answer I have enough. Love is another story and no one can do without some kind of friendship or love. The magic of coffee bringing people together and the ambiance of relaxed conversation.

lemon tea for me so much love louisa from OZ

Become a flutterer

Coffee time gives us a moment to chat or simply enjoy the quiet

opened books and coffee near flowers
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Coffee being taken all across the world even the princes in Dubai enjoy their coffee


I am me and that is all I can be!