We pass through many doors but at a certain stage unless well healed in all ways there are some doors we dare not enter… People will ever be unmoved to others suffering I think inter connectedness is a fools paradise. Armed conflicts and hard borders are now my advice isnt that sad. Stay in your boxes and deny your humanity cling to false gods and out dated mindsets the world is an ugly invention of your own making BEWARE TRUST NO ONE BUT LOVE ALL STAY ALERT.

Did the frog become the prince or did the princess get warts of the nasty kind.?

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The word enchant was first used in 1374 from the old French “enchanter” (to sing) based on the idea that some songs are so beautiful they put you under a spell.

The Red Shoes fairy tale, is a stunner. You know the story. A girl covets pretty red shoes to go out dancing away from her responsibilities. So the enchanted shoes hear her wish and dance her to exhaustion. She’s unaware, but if you look closer, little imps are starting to surround her saying, be careful what you wish for. Vanity will take you down. Everything in moderation. (Or whatever else imps say.)

Lately I’ve wished at times to sink into an enchanted snooze like Sleeping Beauty and wake up when things are better. The minute I go to bed my mind pings from one idea to the other, doing a mental Parkour between anxieties, shopping lists, bits of song and worries. Does anyone else feel like they are speed sleep-walking at night? Any remedies that have worked?
Enjoy this lovely book and art. Hope it casts a sweet spell.

The Kiss

Blood dripped from her lips such was the savage kiss of two hearts two mouths two bodies in a twisted connection of tears blood and sweat without regret. Too long she dreamed too long she waited for the kiss and the rose bloomed with dew. A conversation with the world can be enchanting. New intrepid stories new horizons share our worlds. Life is ever changing just go with the flow and maybe things will be ok. Witchcraft has gradually evolved over time… and will continue to do so. Throughout the ages the term “Witch” has labeled healers, medicine men, seers, and every mystical practitioner in between. Not all “Witches” worship the Goddess, as witches are labeled as such in many areas, religions, and traditions of the world.

Up until around 1020 AD, “Witches” were seen in a positive light… healers…wise ones… seers. Many of them also understood how to use plants and nature for healing, and used these skills to help others.

All of that changed under Pope Benedic VIII.

He executed the first “heretic” (a Witch) in 1022. Thus, the “burning times” had begun, and would continue for over 753 years in Europe. People of all races, creeds, and religions…including children, were killed in mass throughout this time.

Torture and death for “Witches” was commonplace.

In fact, in Scotland, James I wrote “Daemonlogie”…which explained various “methods” of determining who was a Witch.

One method was to find the “Witches Mark”, which was a place on the body that felt no pain. Thus, suspected Witches were tormented with needles over every inch of the body in an attempt to find the “Witches Mark” and prove they were a witch.

Another method was to bind an accused Witches hands and feet together and throw them into a river. It was believed (by James I) that since water is a holy substance, it would keep Witches pushed to the surface. Unfortunately, the accused would die either way. If they sank, they’d typically drown. If they floated, there were burned at the stake.

The burning times forced most real Witches to practice in secret.

Starting in 1930, there has been a slow re-emergence of Witchcraft, of multiple traditions.

The leader of the “new age” movement of Witchcraft is and was Gerald Gardner.

Once the “Witchcraft Laws” were repealed in 1951, Witchcraft starated to grow more rapidly. 2 main “new age” groups emerged… one headed by Gerald Gardner, and one headed by Doreen Valiente. Gardner was the main influencer of the Wicca tradition until his death in 1964…and still is a major influencer.

Valiente has been just as important, howerver… as she wrote the Wiccan Rede, and integrated beautiful poetry, lore, and mystique into commonly used rituals and spells.

The number of people involved in Witchcraft has continued to grow into the millions. Popular Witchcraft authors such as Starhawk, Cunningham, Buckland, Telesco, and Ravenwolf have contributed to this modern day resurgence.

There still are a lot of misconceptions…and many Witches still are not comfortable coming out of the “broom closet”… though tolerance has slowly improved, it is still not even close to where it needs to be.

Meditate to these relaxing sounds enjoy life it can be taken any moment.

A rose by any other name is still a rose

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