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The dream to create a channel of entertainment and education for the world. The desire to unite people and to promote interconnectedness through God’s will. To promote love and good will to all peoples and all religions. To find common ground through understanding the history and the myths. Poetry transcends all cultures and can be enjoyed by all people as a link to the heart. Music should uplift and send a good message of love and a resource to transcend human pain in all its forms.

love from OZ and talk to the Moon

my Blog is about my writings and my books and about feeling good about yourself and knowing when you put love and kindness into the atmosphere it will return to you and hopefully make a more connected and kinder place for us all. I have travelled a lot due to my work and my enthusiasm to see and experience more and I have used it as an love potion to my soul. It is also for me a way to give work and honest labor to people and to meet new faces. Covid has been a terrible thing all across the world preventing travel but the world will renew. I enjoy poetry and fairytales along with all kinds of interesting literature so if you enjoy I am happy.



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Love each other but watch for the red flags and dont trust anyone/ Always be kind and remember Karma will come on your word and deed what you give will be returned! God is real and I need to put this on every heart!!! We never expect life arrows and we need to see time is so valuable.  We never know how long we have some people have of course long lives and others not so. Therefore it is a force of nature we need to know that we don’t waste our time but that it be spent in meaningful pursuits. Kindness should be our top priority for ourselves as well as to others. I like many learnt that life is precious and sometimes cruel so we try to manufacture justice through beliefs and soothe ourselves with dogma. Oh that life were everlasting we cry so we reinvent ideas from the crypt. I am as religious as the next or as knowing as the next. I cant assure you that heaven is real but I don’t think Olympus was nor the Aztec sun god but it gave hope and gave belief to that Epoc. All I can say is to be kind and remember that person may not be here long don’t make their journey harder than it has to be.

 Looking back and looking forward with kindness we begin again

love one another

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Books are the windows to the world every thought, every theory can be found in a book. I am a writer and I enjoy the play of words and how much power words can convey when done eloquently. I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog and return with a smile and a happy heart. You will meet me through my interests my teddy bears and my choices of songs. love from oz and louisa.

The published or blogging remain the intellectual property of louise jensen alias louisa jen.

I believe in kindness and womens rights which are human rights I love men I dont hate and I try not to judge. My poetry is straight from my emotions I dont sensor my voice it flows and I write it. I am christian but I believe in everything and nothing.

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Relax , meditate, peace and love

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I am me and that is all I can be!