photo of fireworks display during evening

God is always there and even in the silence of surprise!

The quest 

The black knight cast a long shadow

A Dragon maze  led to his castle keep

For there lay the beating heart of  a  slave

A precious prize of golden locks

Blood and fire on the mountain of shadows

A dragons lair of gold and silver

The knight and dragons bonded in blood

The red rose , the black rose

The white rose, the yellow rose

Minions to masticate upon

The mirror cracked

The Dragon’s curse

Habeas corpus

Death of a Butterfly

Perchance murder or suicide

Dragons hate Butterfly’s

Perchance a  toxic dream of fire

Clue; A dragon’s scale

DNA – beast of fire ?

Autopsy completed

louisa Jen


0 thou who desirest a of that Face.

Thou needest eyes other than those in thy head Dost thou wish to miss none of those Glances ?

Thou must have eyes in the heart, and within them yet other eye.s.”

■■ The love of thee is not to be bought by every buyer The price of one hair of thine is this world and the next. Thy love is not a rose which blooms in streets and markets, Nor is it such musk ns is found in the pei fumer’s shop.”

“Those complainest of the defilements of the world.

Find not fault with others, for thou, too, art one of the throng. Preserve thiue own skirt from defilement Nami, for the two or three days which thou hast to spend on this midden.”

“ In loving lovely ones one must accustom one’s self to madness, One must lead one’s .soul to the endurance of .separafion-.

One must become as a bottle filled with blood.

And then pour one’s heart out at one’s eye.s.”

“ In our religion thou must ever be constant And keep the faith while in the circle of infidelitv Thiri is the path of love of our beloved.

To stand ever with the sacred thread of idolatry round the neck, and yet remain a Musalma” ’

A rose-garden of beauty Is the cheek of my enslaver. Wht-n it displays I’.self before my wounded heart

raise of the Imam Husain (on him be peace) : —

Whenever, from the fierceness of love’s fire, I burst into flame like a candle,

The flame ever and anon heats against me like a moth.

Since my love has assured himself of ray fidelity and love he emploj’s himself in cruelty.

Would that I had never submitted mr.-^elf to the violence of a test !

If I should become a partaker of tlie boinitj’ of tliy heart

It will be possible for me to convey a hundred tales in one word.

So common has the content of opulence become in the nge’of thj magnanimity

That the soulless body turns with io.atl’iug fiom tlie piospect 301 of life eternal

When the weight of thy comroand.s afl’ecis the nature of the wind

5ven the light breeze oppresses the earth with tlie weight of a mountain.

There i.s no king like me to-day in the kingdom of eloquence,

Whoever doubts this let him test tiie truth of «hat I say by this Bismi’-llah ‘ which I utter.

O ye, beloved of the virgin of reality, when my thoughts soar

They display their beauty through the windows of heaven.”

From another qasidah,

“If craeitj is done by thee my heart cheerfully subniits to

So much love

Light and Dark

Good and evil

A scream, a silent cry

A vampire and his wolf

The shape shifter moved like a mist upon the ground

I touched the black heart and reeled back

I knew the evil intent I felt the hate

I cried a river of tears and my heart grew cold

Ice beautiful but cold like death within one’s soul

To understand light you must experience the dark

There in that darkness a flicker of hope becomes a wisp to illuminate your world

To glow in Gods great heart and to see the spirit within the body


Cinderella bit the apple she knew and the witch laughed.

The enchantments are real for sleeping beauty also sleeps

Such a pretty face and she lay in silence within her glass tomb

A kiss to wake her from her frozen dream


Midnight in the garden will you meet me there?


I am me and that is all I can be!