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Its easy to point the finger at people but there is always reason ,understanding and if you stop to put yourself in some ones else’s situation then you can learn to not judge.. This small tale which speaks to how you view yourself and how others view you. We are sometimes the reason someone else is lifted up and we are not alone in our journey so note the spec in your own eye before you judge others.

A  tale  is  a  tale   and  this  is  that .    As   white  as  snow   in  a   land  that  time  forgot ,  mythical   folk   and   storybook   creatures   are   on  the  edge  of  your  mind  where  dreams  can  be   found.   Enter   this  realm   cross  over  the  bridge   take  note  of  the  troll   who  just  may  appear.                                                   Pay  one  token  but   not  one  penny  more  for  he  will  ask  for  that   and  more.   A  troll  is   a  grumpy  grouchy  old   thing  a  token  he`ll  say  not  one  but  two.                 Pay  one  and  no  more  and  let  him  rage  and  cry  and  then  say   nay  I  shall pass  I  have  paid  you  your  due  and   then   he  will   yield   in  a  grumbling  cry.                                                                                                                                                   In  a  forest  and  a  garden  all  things   can  be  found  from   catapillars   in  sneakers   to    princesses  in   gowns.                                                                                                                                   There  are  spiders  knitting   webs  so  large  they  cannot  climb   and  toads  on    podiums   expounding  their  views. .                                                                                                                                Wander  at  your  leisure  through   forests  dark  and  deep  taking  pleasure  in  the   songs   that  you  hear  in  the  trees ,  the  birds  so   mellow   whistle   and   coo. 

In   a  paddock   of   deep  green  green  grass  comes   a    mournful   sound   is  it   Bess   the    cow   who   bellows  and  moos!

The  Rabbit  said   The time has gone we cannot stay and he dissappeared away



The wolf the killer of dreams who prowls the night in search of fresh blood to lick the arteries and drain the souls of  the  unfortunate wanders. The body matters not for it is the blood it desires like  vampires of the pack. The beast howls and hunts with loyalty to his brothers equally who thirst for the satiated desire. Dripping delight with every lick to weaken and kill to join the dreamer in that lustful deadly dance called death. The power of the pack creates a cruel delight in the hunt and in the kill they drink the essence of life. In folklore the powerful eat the heart of their victims as the wolf does and  as he consumes his power and ferocity  grows. He ceases to be a mere wolf his  aura takes on the apparitions of the wolfman of imagination. To bite and snarl with lust unabated death becomes the frenzied  delight of  murderous passion without control.               The moon glows across the deadly scene when the auras of the pack become one and the essence is hot and red upon the ground. Cry the wolf, cry the killer of souls , cry the dreamer of  hearts and  blood as the nightmare becomes the fantasy of hell. 

The witch

Black cats are bad luck and the witches muse/ Who killed the wicked witch of OZ?  Nay it was murder most foul who will pay the devil his  due or does a witch prevail upon an angel …who is to say what evil meets your mind in those witching hours nay I pray to know who killed that most loving witch ???

The snake knows he is powerful but he is still fearful and will run if he can .

The spider is an innocent creature yet he inspires such hatred and fear. He is after all a natural killer he weaves his net and casts it to the breeze and only the silver threads reflect in the moon. A witches friend for only she can tames the 8-legged creature. He eats the flies and butterflies and spits out all the bones. He never goes far from his prey on the web he will stay. He is a fisher of souls and he repairs his web with ghostly threads of his dead. This is a cycle of his life to poison and kill to cocoon and eat the blessed meat. To eat build his web of the deadly threads of souls, now entombed inside the spider the innocent deadly spider.

Louisa Jen

 A short tale of Allenhdoor

The witch of Allenhdoor had taken the castle with her dwarf armies. Small men with ferocious wolves. A murder of ravens the sky black with her forces. They swooped in to first pecked the eyes from the kings men, who defended the walls. Then came the wolves to rip their throats and the job half done it only required a dwarf man to slice the heads from their bodies. Blood ran like water and her small dragons from the Island of Pagoda finished off the morsels. The dragon master was reptilian in appearance some say he was born of the incestuous love of reptiles. The witch of Allenhdoor wore white so beautiful she sparkled and shone like a dazzling moon beam. She was in appearance innocent evil men fell at her feet. But she had no lover she would never know love. Such was her chastity such was her fate. There was only one love and she dared not whisper his name lest the devil heard it. He was brave handsome dark eyes dark hair and love surrounded him in a blue light which shone from his armour. He rode a great steed and she grew weak when she whispered his name silently on the breeze. He did not love her and she had grown sad and so she took the castle of a goodly king and locked his daughter in the dungeon. She thought the dragons might like a princess for dinner or maybe the spiders could cocoon her, For the moment she lived and the witch enjoyed the crawling creatures. What would happen would the knight come to rescue the princess???? next episode we shall discover. spiders and snakes joined in games of climbing castle walls going up the briar’s and the blood red roses. while the ravens sat and ate the lady bugs. The wolves slept and the dragons finished their feast. The sun rose to a reddened sky all quiet in the castle. The slithering creatures lay silent their poison to deliver to any moving thing. No one saw the shadow moving it crept up the roses and passed over the wall. It stepped across the sleeping dragons and silently moved down the stairs to that place of torture. She saw the shadow she knew hope. Suddenly a ray of light from a candle on the stair a shine so bright the shadow disappeared. The light grew brighter as the witch stepped closer to the cell; she smiles to see the dread in the eyes that looked back. She laughed and turned away and the light shut the door behind her. closed doors bar the escape she sat in silence she wondered where had the shadow gone? Maybe she never saw the shadow, maybe she dreamed the shadow into life. She sat now without any more illusion. The princess was imprisoned and feared that death would come here in this cold grey doom. Maybe the light of the moon would never be seen again. Maybe this was the happy ending to see only the black of space. no star to dement the mind, no light to hope without cause. Just empty skies to give peace of spirit. To accept the void, to sit in the void. The Keep became her home the witch moved the prisoner to the keep and there she watched the stars and heaven seemed closer than ever before. The moon shone and the days were long but breezes blew all manner of dreams in to her little world. The roses could be seen and smelt ,there was a bed to lay upon and books to read. She looked across the fields and in winter they were white and in summer green . One day she was sitting reading and she looked at her shadow. She knew she was not alone. At night he was always in her dreams. The wicked Queen grew ever more powerful and hope faded. Many in the castle believed this to be wrong that the dearest lady was in the castle keep. It was not long before a stranger came into her life a rider came to the castle he was dark and brutish. He walked with his sword no one bothered such a powerful looking man the snakes hid the dragons slept and the queen watched from her window. Many were in the castle this day. The princess looked down as he looked up and their eyes saw a friend in each other. He did not know how but this stranger wanted to help the girl. He went to the queen and saw her beauty. He was a determined man, a strong man but the queen was far too caught in the gaze of the knight ,the shadow. This man was not to be undone so he set a plan of rescue. He took great heart and crept to the keep killing snakes and dragons as he went and several guards lost their lives. He would not risk the front gate rather they would jump to the ocean below , the castle sat on the edge of the sea. Rocks jutted out he knew he could jump the distance. He would throw the princess from the keep and pray she would survive it. So he did he took her hand and he swung her around and hurled her as far as his strength would allow. He saw her hit the water and he ran and jumped as far out as he could. They were both in the water and swam to the shore. Horses waited and they travelled far from the castle to the sands of the desert. They travelled the old silk road to a new life in the exotic east a place of wonder and beauty. She only sometimes remembered her love of the shadow but every time she remembered him a tear ran down her cheek. love never lost its pain. Life however did go on but never quite the same.

The end

Author: flutterbyslouisa.com

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