Do you vibe hope and kindness into the world or do you vibe chaos. Scammers and big buisness sometimes only care about the money nothing matters not the customer or the product. Cruel intentions are spewing into the atmosphere like ghost’s from hell leaving broken people and dreams every where. Thus it is carried on the wind this malignant attitude to infect every heart ❤ kindness becomes a rare event. People don’t smile or speak to exchange goodness only to take even those who would argue that their product helps people are really only selfish and self absorbed. To me its not enough to just educate the public because their is a dangerous friend syndrome or to put the onous on the other to beware its for you and you and you to ask yourself am I doing good or am I doing the devil’s work and vibing greed into the world. I think if you are honest with yourself you will find an answer really quickly and so I ask are you doing good to people or are you doing good for you?.

The heart ❤ of the world is in a battle against evil and the devil calls watch for the smoke and look for the fire 🔥



I am me and that is all I can be!