light inside library

The morning star is the impossible dream

To achieve a hearts desire to find answers to a souls quest

To see love come into the world instead of chaos and war

Humans are ever torn by emotions out of control

Impoverishment ,greed in all aspects envy

Sad redemptive spirits circle the globe to adhere some new belief

All for personal gain magicians of avarice creators of accumulation

Governance for the people becomes a microcosmic web of corruption

Where is the love god send us Kings of determination who rule for the people

God save the King


To be grateful and gracious is to be magic

Poetry is the heart the soul crying out and it transcends the mind though the words are cerebral .

The beauty of a face may fade and the mind can dissipate but what stays are the words written and the lingering magic there in.

What puts hate into a heart? Prayer is the medicine and I will pray angels keep you loved.

To this end write and read but above all things love yourself.


The words I would have you focus on are these Run to the rescue with Love then reread the the band of souls and realize how lucky you actually are to have devoted fans but mainly devoted brothers and family.. Treat yourself with love and kindness and move on dont get stuck in the past. Move forward with pride in all you are!

A band of souls

Its a new day come, come and hold on its a new day we begin again and rehearsals have begun . Each soul has a color and the mirrors on the sand reflects each heart upon the other set like a maze as a octagon of congruent angles caught in a vision of the self. A most heartened view of kind and good faces moved to protect another mirrored image against the foe of evil intent. Defiance sends loving thoughts without surrender without malice for each has played their part. Heartened as the play ends and the curtain comes down the applause is resounding and surrounding each other kind soul. Now do smile and chat of the happy outcomes and the performance of a well written script and the accolades for each player be talked of in deep conversations and discussions of the karmic plots most noted and amazing kisses and handshakes as farewells are said at the theatre exits. A fine play and the players most brilliant and handsome. Such a depth such a honest play beyond beautiful it touches the feeling and transcends the emotion


No time baby ,im on borrowed time ,come give me your time, I wants you I sees you ,can I please have you ,its only a little time. I dont want to buy the book only borrow it for a time..lol you excite me just your eyes your look come baby give me some time.

One of my favorite balladeers poetry in every word plus a beautiful heart james Blunt

A ripple in a pond is all I am and a speck in space ,we drift through life never seeing our truth that we really dont matter we inflate our worth but there are always people wanting to pull us down and never lift us up. I have learnt so much and all of it is about domination and very little else a sad indication of our real worth in the cosmos. Above all be calm and see the world as beautiful and ignore the noise.

A Happy day

I have been far to down in mood and in circumstance

Let us think of wine and cheese with sunny days

Wine and sun do intoxicate faster than desired

Before one knows one is laughing histerically

Confused and in a spin ,then hungry and then sleepy

What about the beer goggles when even the ugly look good haha

Oh plays and theatre with jollity and care

Cold nights on dark streets feet bare with friends

Let us remember all the fun on the run



Of  knights so bold and brave

To  win a lady’s heart in a single glance

Dark eyes and warm soul

A smile of kindness with shy intent

His countenance regal and kingly

Austere I watched him in white

His every move enticing

Roses in my garden with solitude my companion

Rainbows in heaven

Roses all around Oh blessed love

yellow for the sun and red for my blood

The fading light gives breath to the moon

Oh Blessed moon that hangs in silver  above the earth

A kingly man  passes across my mind and lingers there

I wished all well on the north winds of time

I wished you all well on a witches spell

I wished you well


Angel intervention

Instigation and negation

Compromise not withstanding

I lost my heart lost the key

Now locked solid rusted with time

Forgotten passion

First responder make the call

Time 1am life ceased

Sign the certificate and put it on ice

The end

look up to the lord

Love what’s it worth absolutely nothing

Passion never happens just cold embraces

It is to be of sound mind and happy heart without touch

The search has taken on a quest for spiritual idealism

love in a much larger view

lets seek out the hope of better days

Of days living in the light of God

Love yourself and God will love you


Your step

No more do I follow your step

Dont ask what Im doing

Dont make me jealous

Dont look in my direction

Life is a gift ,love is a gift

Live in the moment


The Rose

Upon  the  grave  I wept

The perfume  of  the rose has  gone

Across time I  travelled for love

A dream or a nightmare

Ever lasting love of the undead

A  reincarnation  in a world  of  possibilities

Thinking is the blue print

Real or imagined

Love makes life possible

The gift

Knowing the gift

Seeing the gift

Rebuking the gift

Silence rebuilds

Love was the gift

I’ll always remember you


Author: flutterbyslouisa.com

I am me and that is all I can be!