The sad thing or happy thing is you cannot put an old head on young shoulders that is to say children learn only what they are told. As we grow we form our own limited opinions and go through realizations that allow us to see our own reality. Someone born in 1960 passes on the morality of 1960 to a child born in 1980 and there by every person has to grow and find that new reality for their own existence and then the cycle again is passed on always from an out dated view. We wake from our illusions with time and then we have to adjust to our new or our own vision leaving behind what is not needed in the present. However some become stuck in yesterdays ideas and yesterdays indoctrinated theory which hinders in the renewal process while attempting to keep a societal equilibrium. History is integral to any study history of the person and the times and ideas that influenced the outcomes. The proper response to any study is to approach it from an empirical direction and and objective stance because you can hardly call anything research if you have preconceived the answer. Bias is a danger to study and so several different perspectives must be sought before any conclusion can be arrived at.. I studied social sciences and so a good portion of my study was research and how to question and perceive results and as history was an equal love I transpose my ideas to historical imperatives and sifting through concepts.

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