people walking on street during night time

I try to add a song you might like while you and I meet in my words and share our moments come be with me in this lonely moment. louisa from Oz


Enigma of silence in the dark, in the dark

Listen to the sounds of emptiness

Lost in a world of change we close the door

We open our hearts and bare our souls

We wait for the dagger we wait for the dark

Inspired of the silence the enigma of death

Spirit swirls in the aura of the abyss

The day and the night collide into grey

Unified by the devil saved by God

Angels horrifying in the sight warm the breath

They glow in the Dark and gather close to protect

Shielded accepted and loved

Lord lead me and I will follow


thankyou flutterers; remember our paths are ever winding.

hearts on fire

Did you see the field of flutterbys glowing in the sun, See the flowers reaching up to touch the sun, what a day to say thankyou for one more day, sip your coffee and feel the grace fall upon your shoulders, You have so much to share with the world even if its only a smile to brighten a lonely heart. Be at peace with the universe, be at one with your journey. Let no one be hurt by your embrace be brave and be still and simply be. ( love louisa ) you are picture perfect….

Adventures are what we live for so organize your new adventure what might it be a trip to the beach a ride on a tram it can be as small as a night picnic take candles and evening meal on a warm evening and enjoy the atmosphere of the night sky. There are all kinds of magic believe and you will see the mirrored image of love which is you.

Happiness can take many forms ,depending on the individual for a child it might be a ride or a swing for an adult it might be found in prayer or family time. When you think of happiness what does that conger up for you ? I have taken a few of the things that make me happy and put them together in my blog. Photography , history, magic in all its forms , travel _ flying is a grand adventure, teddy bears, Art in all its forms, coffee and finally books and women’s rights.. Really there are so many things my mind is interested in my blog is simply too small lol. I picked my theme of Flutterbys because butterflies are so delicate and beautiful and my mum who is gone now use always say there are Flutterbys in the garden. These magical words congers happy images of fairies and rabbits and all things nice. Carnivals remind us of our happy times as children lets try to keep that wonder.


I am me and that is all I can be!