photo of fireworks display during evening

Complete forgiveness but no surrender just live a happy life Magic is also learning something new we are one race the human race and slowly I hope we are becoming one and we are learning to protect our environment

Nobility is magic for it is to rise above the cruel intent of love

My heart is broken but not lost for it beats loudly in my chest

Love is never lost but found in that out dated chivalry of honor

Be not a voyeur of pain to derive the fantasy of lustful hope

Be the butterfly who lives fully and evolves to become you!

A beautiful sentiment peace and love ….

 Blood is life, blood is power

The essence of the beating heart

The kiss of the sun

Silver beams from heaven

Blood brothers ,blood oath

Bound by a blood bond

Virginal blood in the spiritual kiss

A kiss that consumes the wholeness of the body

love as one force one heart


So much love

Light and Dark

Good and evil

A scream, a silent cry

A vampire and his wolf

The shape shifter moved like a mist upon the ground

I touched the black heart and reeled back

I knew the evil intent I felt the hate

I cried a river of tears and my heart grew cold

Ice beautiful but cold like death within one’s soul

To understand light you must experience the dark

There in that darkness a flicker of hope becomes a wisp to illuminate your world

To glow in Gods great heart and to see the spirit within the body


Cinderella bit the apple she knew and the witch laughed.

The enchantments are real for sleeping beauty also sleeps

Such a pretty face and she lay in silence within her glass tomb

A kiss to wake her from her frozen dream


Midnight in the garden will you meet me there?


I am me and that is all I can be!