All across the world people search for a spiritual connection to a deity God and this connection brings us into a divine soul a deep recess of knowledge. It is here we find a peace within ourselves a strength and a connection to other souls.

Past best seen in the rear vision.

Choices are sometimes not easy walk in my shoes and test your loyalty ??

love the writings and the words

The sun

The lady who walks in moonlight

Fallen into time she lives there eternal

Sun and moon misguided heart of stolen moments

Come dance with me, he whispered as he tasted her essence

Stars collided in  desolation for death was not for her

The moon is out tonight and wolves walk near

Words bite bitter on her tongue as her spirit shifts  

Owl and Bats cling to  twisted trees

Oh vengeful heart is dead and bled on silver drifts

The world a mirror of her tears no more

Ohh blessed sun in repose warms even the coldest heart

She is the sleeping beauty cast into hell

 Blood drips from her kiss  and the sun has become her terror

The lady sleeps in darkness with black roses on her bed

Louisa jen

My little story of Joshua my pilgrim hope you might like a short journey

author louisa jen

The year is 1755

life is a journey and Joshua Higgins decided he would become a monk and he would offer himself to god, He would travel and speak the words of gospel to whom ever he met on the road of life. He decided if he was serious he should seek to perform a pilgrimage to the holy church of Rome. He began his quest from where he was on a farm in Ireland. The year was 1755 and a ship sailed from London to France and he determined to be on board one of those ships within the month. He determined to walk the pilgrims way as a penitence for all his transgressions. He was a single man and had been also considering joining the order of monks that resided at Skellig Michael a settlement on twin pinnacle crags off the coast of county kerry. It was a long way from his home and his work as a roof thatcher, but he had been a constant at his church and he was inclined to a good heart so the quest began in his mind as a precursor to his vocational decision. It was a lonely choice some said but for Joshua it was a good choice the only choice to do good in the world. He set out with a bag for his travels , on his back a few pieces of bread and several pieces of silver to cost his journey. The sandels he wore soon began to hurt his feet but this he felt as a flagulation to his soul and an atonement for his sins. As he travelled he passed several souls and one in particular. He came across towards him from a field and so Joshua looked at him but his demeanor seemed arrogant and frightening. Joshua thought to turn away but then reasoned to turn his back might signal fear and then a dagger might lodge in his back. Joshua had heard of pilgrims being attacked and killed for their few poultry coins such was the poverty of body and soul. So Joshua walked on and as the distance closed between them Joshua felt the presence of the devil a monster envisioned his mind or perhaps a dragon was more the imagery or sight that caught in his mind. The distance closed and now the vision was clear he was a man walking but in his aura the devil lucifer walked with him. Fire and smoke seen and yet unseen he was a shape shifter who was also a bear or a lion and as they now faced each other questions flowed from the beast like a torrent of fire. Pilgrim he said indeed offered Joshua. Wither are you bound said the strange apparition of a man. I am walking to London and then to Rome. Any coins said the creature and held out his gnarled hand then Joshua dug into his pocket and pulled a silver coin from it then saying tis all I can give’ , the creature took the coin and growled. Then the stranger said this is gods country and therefore it is mine for I am the true god. Joshua stood silent and simply nodded for he who agrees with a fool is kind and he who argues with a fool is more foolish than the fool. Joshua had seen a jester in a play and had seen the idiotic behavior which in the end shows the fool to be lost in a delusional world.

I could kill you now and bury you under my pumkin’s and they would become purple pumkin’s in the spring for the roots would entwine your blood and course it into a nourished earth of blood there and then he began to laugh uncontrollably. Joshua stepped back and said the earth is rich already from your wisdom and so I must depart. The strange aura seemed to glow with fire but suddenly turned and glowed white and between Joshua and the devil stood an angle who beckoned Joshua to go and that is what happened Joshua moved quickly away. There seemed to be a scream which permeated the air and then silence and a calm came over Joshua for God had come near to him and touched his heart with what we would call an intuition. Pilgrims passed and nodded and with sore feet he crossed hills and streams to come to a deep valley dark and as night was falling it seemed darker than usual. It was to Joshua’s mind a valley of humiliations and he spoke the rosery and clung to his cross as he walked the darkening way. Then a strange thing happened the land became as light as day for a full moon glowed to light the way. Joshua prayed and spoke to himself as a man would to his father and at a late midnight hour he laid his head down in a grassy knoll and fell to sleep. Slowly the country side turned into town and cottages turned into city. A sign post appraised London 100 miles and so the walk trudged on stopping at inns for rest. London drew ever closer and a new pair of shoes were bought and so in much more comfort the pilgrim walked on. Joshua had lost the ability to talk such was his idea of prayer and his fervor had him whispering the parables to himself constantly feeling he was coming closer to god with every word and every step. Finally London horses and Hanson cabs Joshua wasted little time only enough to eat and procure a ticket on the ship to cross to Calais. Having boarded the ship and setting sail the trip across was rocky and the wind blew with such a force of power into the sails. The crew did not cease their workings , pulling ropes and sails with the captain giving orders to the boson who in turn kept the crew from slacking off as men will. The crossing took another day before Calais came into sight flags flying and men checking passengers finally to say welcome Joshua and all other passengers to Calais. Joshua had his papers which were all in order and then down the step to solid ground and Joshua was on his way . He had rested on the ship and filled his stomach so there was a quickening of his step. He felt light hearted and his soul soared while his prayer seemed to himself more joyful.

The road to Rome was long and people often asked in their broken English where he was headed to which answered and offered to pray with them further he offered a bible story. There were good souls who offered food and taverns offered a bed and a bath. So it was by the time Joshua walked into the Cathedral he felt purged of all sins for his soul was too washed of arduous efforts that when he knelt only tears came. He had achieved his hearts desire and he would decide his vocation here before he left Rome. He asked the Bishop for an audience and in that there was a miracle for he was offered a great deal of advice. The heart was cured and the mind was clear , Joshua told of his encounter with the angel of God and the Devil who came to him on his road to the holy city. The Bishop knelt with Joshua and he found hope in the words spoken and he departed Rome with an aim of solitude and a desire to forgive and shelter in Gods great love.

Do you think he joined his brothers to give to the world.

Author: flutterbyslouisa.com

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