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There is no rhyme or reason sometimes there is only the moment and I have been punished for those moments. thrice over!

Then and now we are the world

The sands lament to give up its thirsty wanderers

How many bones lie therein that earth the unforgiven

Man the monster who fought for the resources to survive

Families trapped in a sea of sand gave way to perverse love

Intertwined blood mirrors upon the sand

The dunes and the beasts of burden to carry the souls to water

Prayers essential to hope to life to love

Kings and princes and queens of the shifting sands


alarm clock lying on multicolored surface
Photo by Black ice on Pexels.com

Time zone

Off limits

Too ordinary ,too regal

Too  controlling.  too submissive

Too old , too young

Too much ,too little

Too sad ,too happy

Too difficult ,too easy

Too many words, too few

In another time and place

In another life  or death

Hello ,Goodbye

Reminiscing  and looking forward.


I keep my bear in a hat box

A suitable place to live

He never complains

We share my bed

I kiss him goodnight

He never complains

He gives me my hat

I give a nob to his gentle ways

He lives in a hat box and there he will stay.


The Lion

The tree bends in the breeze

Hyenas laugh with the African Dogs

The pack defends the grasslands

The grasses conceal the lion

He is the power of the pride

He rests in the shade

The lioness hunts and gives life

Cruelty kills cubs who are not of his loins

Man can hunt the lion, Man can kill the lion

Roar that hollow sound across the plains

For regicide becomes the King


What does love mean to you Is it care for another’s welfare , is it sexual in a relationship is it kindness and friendship company through the years. Self reflection has brought me to where I am and I loved not wisely. I blame no one but myself so we are ever the best of friends and if that is love then I love.

Author: flutterbyslouisa.com

I am me and that is all I can be!