Michael had the same vision a united world can you hear God speaking we are one we are human

join me

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I want to let those people who loved me know you helped me and forgivness is implicit because where would I have been without you all and all I ask is everyone be well and be happy.

Moonlight and lovers

death comes like a theif in the night

be very afraid of the moon

love kills the heart

love brings death

louisa jen

today I am changed trust is an issue but I am now a better person because I respect myself and love myself and the rest dies with me lol.

My life has been travel

Today I still enjoy my blog but I am very much more careful with my connections, Falling in love on the net can be disastrous so I rise from my fall and I love everyone who loved me. Those who kept me from killing myself, have you felt you cant go on? I felt the road was too long, really. I tell this to say we are all human and we all fail but we have to remember tomorrow is another day so always be hopeful.. Contact suicide help if this rings a bell and remember your not alone we are all human.!

Tomorrow is a new adventure


I am me and that is all I can be!